Top Essential Types of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

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Shoes, for every woman, can either make or break your overall look. Indeed, the right pair of shoes can help in elevating any outfit to the next level. Otherwise, the shoes that you choose can also turn your outfit into a major fashion disaster.

Shoes possess the ability to set the tone of the entire outfit. A classic outfit with stylish sneakers will offer a carefree vibe. At the same time, when you add a stiletto pump, it can help in setting up any look glamor-filled.

In an ideal situation, we would all like to have a dedicated closet full of shoes to complement all outfits. However, in reality, all you need is a good pair of must-have shoes that will work perfectly for your wardrobe. You can search for reliable shoe sale NZ from a leading online store like Novo Shoes NZ.

Top Essential Shoes for Your Closet

White Sneakers

A classic off-white or white sneakers possesses the ability to make any look appear cool, effortless, and polished throughout. The best part is that you can wear classic white sneakers with almost anything out there. Moreover, these shoes are must-haves for all seasons as well. Once you get a pair of stylish white sneakers you love, it is hard to put up anything else on your feet.

The Slide Sandal

The easy-to-wear slide sandals or plain women’s sandals might sound like a must-have summer accessory. However, this fashion essential proves that it is capable of finding its way through the spring and fall with the addition of a chic outfit like a full suit. Whether you opt for a black sandal or something flashier, the idea of wearing them easily remains the same.

Gladiator Sandals

These draw inspiration from the ancient forms of shoes adorned by Greek and Roman gladiators during the battle scenes. These sandals are available as flat-soled footwear pieces featuring multiple wide-cross straps. The straps start from the sole and end with the thicker straps at the top. The sandal that had started off as the most utilitarian footwear has recently evolved to span multiple fashion statements in the modern era.

Flip Flops

These usually do not require much explanation. Flip flops are the most practical pair of shoes that anyone cannot live without. Flip flops are available as ideal day-to-day sandals and feature a flat sole throughout. In most cases, these footwear pieces feature Y-shaped straps that start from the front of the sole while ending at the sides. There is no shortage of interesting flip flop designs and patterns in the market. Therefore, you can shop them from shoe sale NZ through Novo Shoes NZ.

T-bar Sandals

These are yet another practical and everyday footwear pieces that you should own as a woman. T-bar sandals are available as flat-soled sandals featuring a T-shaped strap towards the front. The ends of these straps are fastened with the help of a buckle to the strap present around the ankle. You will come across more stylish and sleeker T-bar sandals on leading portals.


It is a leading footwear type that is high on vogue in the past few years. Sliders are available as open-toed, flat, and backless sandals featuring a single strap that are wrapped around the shoe’s instep. Sliders are increasingly common amongst those who prefer wearing something on-the-go or lightweight on a daily basis. These are usually worn across the comfortable summer season by women. The overall rise in popularity of sliders is attributed to the comfort and convenience of wearing them.


The history of mules dates back to the time of the Romans. The term ‘mule’ is used to refer to a specific style of shoes for women that does not feature any constraint or back around the foot’s heel. These are available as closed-toe sandals and feature a pointy toe to enhance the slip-on style of the footwear. Mules are available in an assortment of designs and materials -ranging from suede to leather, canvas, and even velvet.

Make the most of your day-to-day fashion by buying the latest footwear trends through shoe sale NZ. You can come across a huge collection of trendy shoes and footwear options for your unmatched style.

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