35 Blonde Underlayer Hair Color Ideas (Updated)

Blonde Underlayer Hair Color Ideas

Blonde Underlayer Hair Color Ideas: If you are having a hard time deciding on your hair color, it’s always best to use your hair’s natural highlights to make a final decision. However, if you have dark brown or black hair, it might be difficult to tell what colors will look good on you and which will not.

This article provides pictures of 35 blonde underlayer hair colors ranging from light blondes to medium shades, making it easy for you to decide on a great shade without worrying about whether it will look good on darker skin tones.

1. Blonde Underlayer Hair 2020

Blonde Underlayer Hair 2020
Source: Pinterest.com

Consider an underlayer instead of going all-out on the color. The underlayer has much less commitment and is much more versatile in terms of looks. You can choose from shades, including browns, plums, reds, purples, and many more!

2. Half Blonde Half Brown Hair Underneath

Half Blonde Half Brown Hair Underneath
Source: Pinterest.com

Half Blonde Half Brown Underlayer hair is one of the most popular color options for highlighting. The best part about this combination is that it’s versatile, and you can wear it with many different hairstyles that go from a classic to a more modern look.

3. Half Black Half Blonde Hair Underneath

Half Black Half Blonde Hair Underneath
Source: Pinterest.com

You can experiment with having a black and blonde hair color combination. You have the option to have a half-blonde and half-black color combination by using dark brown extensions. Also, you can experiment with other colors, such as light brown, honey brown, or golden blonde.

4. Brown with Blonde Underneath Hair

Brown With Blonde Underneath Hair
Source: Pinterest.com

Blonde hair is undoubtedly a beautiful color. It can be found throughout the world. However, what if the blonde underneath your brown strands isn’t blonde? You may want to consider an underlayer to help you achieve the desired shade of blonde. Using an underlayer will not only keep you from going through too many hair colors but also make your hair look healthier and more natural.

5. Black On Top Blonde Underneath

Black On Top Blonde Underneath Hair Color Ideas 2022

If you’re looking for a classic and versatile style, consider pairing a black on-top blonde underneath a haircut with a Haori jacket. This look is perfect for someone who wants to stand out but doesn’t want to commit to one specific hairstyle. Either style will complement any outfit, and both be timeless.

6. Blonde with Black Underneath Hair

Blonde With Black Underneath Hair
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The underlayer hair color is a trendy choice. This option blends in well with the blonde highlights and has a classy and edgy look. However, some of the best blonde underlayer hair colors are platinum blonde and cold ash blonde.

7. Blonde Hair Underneath

Blonde Hair Underneath
Source: Pinterest.com

There is a perfect solution for those who want to go with a natural-looking straight hair color on top but feel like their blond roots are not the best look! Try one of these 35 Blonde Underlayer Hair Color ideas to highlight those bright highlights.

8. Black with Blonde Underneath Hairstyle

Black Hair With Blonde Underneath
Source: Pinterest.com

Blonde is a rich and bold color that anyone can pull off. It looks fantastic when combined with many tones of brown. Also, black hair seems to dye better with a blonde as it plays off one another perfectly. The dark hair color mellows out the blonde roots, so leave your hair roots natural and wear vibrant clashing shades of blonde to give it an Ombre effect.

Instead of dying the underlayer into the light blonde color, going for light-shade hair extensions will be a great option to achieve the effect. Halo extensions and clip-in hair extensions are great to DIY at home. You can also choose professional hair extensions like weft extensions, tape-ins, or fusions at your hairstylist!

9. Black Underneath Hairstyle for Blonde Hair

Black Underneath Blonde Hair
Source: Pinterest.com

Blonde underlayer hair color can give you a dramatic look. The hues of black are stunning! Some popular under-layered shades include ash blue, warm beige, and dark, cool red.

10. Silverkenly Blonde Underneath

Blonde Underneath Hair
Source: Pinterest.com

Now that the holidays are underway, it’s time for festive hair changes. Go ahead, and try blonde underneath your new holiday locks to complete your look. A great way to do this would be using a high-quality hair color like Daniel Galvin’s Overcoat of Silverkenly Blonde.

11. Dark on Top with Blonde Combination

Dark Hair Blonde Underneath
Source: Pinterest.com

Whether fair or dark, blonde underneath your hair is a must-have that gives an aura of elegance and femininity. Women who want to make their hair blonde at home can also experiment with other colors, such as lilac, caramel, and silver, all very light color variations of this popular effect.

12. Underlayer Hair Dye 2020

Underlayer Hair Dye 2020
Source: Pinterest.com

Underlayer hair dyes are a fashionable way of adding color to your scalp. Unlike the semi-permanent hair color popular in many salons, this hair dye lasts anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks in the sun and water.

13. Brown Hair With Blonde Underlayer

Brown Hair With Blonde Underlayer
Source: Pinterest.com

Those with naturally blonde hair might have trouble getting their hair to look natural without being too pale or having yellow undertones. Instead of getting brown out of blonde, try going for a light brown look with a bright blond glaze. It’s not likely that you’ll choose the same shade for your underlayer and the highlights because it goes from yellow before turning warm and more fabulous than your base.

14. Stunning Dark Hair with Blonde Underneath

Dark Hair With Blonde Underneath
Source: Pinterest.com

Your best option may be to go blonde, but don’t worry if you cannot go through the hassle of dying your hair and getting highlights. You can do a lot with just two primary colors: blonde and brown. Blonde hair color and brown hair color mixed creates a unique color that allows multiple variations in your style with season and occasion. Find a hairstyle below for inspiration!

15. Blonde Hair with Dark Brown Underneath

Blonde Hair With Dark Brown Underneath
Source: Pinterest.com

So you are considering a blonde hair color and don’t know where to start? You require a fantastic underlayer that will complete the look. Your first option should be a medium to dark brown hair color for your blonde locks. Many people opt for this shade because it also goes well with lighter skin tones.

16. Dark Hair Underneath

Dark Hair Underneath
Source: Pinterest.com

Having lighter hair under the base of your darker color can add a little shine. Some people dye their hair because they require highlights to show their natural color. Others like having lighter hair instead of an utterly blonde palette.

17. Blonde Hair With Color Underneath

Blonde Hair With Color Underneath
Source: Pinterest.com

With so many different hair colors available, there is one that most likely isn’t on your list. But if you want a bold choice with a twist, blonde hair’s overtone color is the way to go. If you opt for an all-over hue like ash or caramel, it’s more manageable and more realistic to make your hair blonde in a limited time, assuming you don’t want roots bleached out.

18. Platinum Hair with Black Underneath

Platinum Hair With Black Underneath
Source: Pinterest.com

Platinum and black are characteristics that generally don’t match, but if the platinum is underlaid with blonde hair, the result can be stunning. To add more depth to your look, use ash blond dye to create a dark layer while keeping the light at the top of your hair. Intermingling brown-green colors on top of this color may also add a romantically warm effect to your whole look.

19. Platinum Blonde with Dark Underneath

Platinum Blonde With Dark Underneath
Source: Pinterest.com

Platinum blonde with a dark base is one of the popular choices for trendy under-layered hair colors. It gives any look an edgy effect that is in trend today. Many celebrities choose platinum blonde with a dark underlayer for their appearance. By trying this unique color, you can stand out from the crowd and not be easily missed.

20. Half Blonde Half Black Hair Underneath

Half Blonde Half Black Hair Underneath
Source: Pinterest.com

Half blonde, half black hair is cross-over hair that falls in the back. This gives you a different look from straight across. After all, it is loose, comfortable, and highly effective for layering underneath long hair and some haircuts like this pixie-style haircut.

21. Black Hair with Platinum Blonde Underneath

Black Hair With Platinum Blonde Underneath
Source: Pinterest.com

Everyone has a favorite natural-looking blonde hair color. The hairdo is always pretty, too, because it gives the hair a touch of light-reflecting, high shine. Underlayers are designed to help with this. Blonde shades paired with black effortlessly create a magnetic platinum blonde underlayer for the head of hair. Follow the suggestions below to get this look, then see your transformation all day long!

22. Two Tone Brown Hair with Blonde Underneath

Two Tone Brown Hair with Blonde Underneath
Source: Pinterest.com

Get an eye-catching hairstyle that will impress your friends and family with a two-tone brown hair color. You can achieve this look by styling your hair in a blonder section underneath your brown hair. This will give your hair a natural-looking lightness, while the brown color will enhance your features.

23. Peekaboo Hair Color Placement

Peekaboo Hair Color Ideas
Source: Pinterest.com

Do you want to add a touch of fun and innovative glamour to your appearance? Then consider trying out peekaboo hair color placement. This style is growing in popularity because it is unique, flattering, and can be done in many different ways. Some people opt for a subtle look that blends into their hair color perfectly. Others go for a more dramatic look that stands out from their hair color. Whichever path you choose, you will be sure to look stunning!

27. Bleached Underneath Hair 2020

Bleached Underneath Hair
Source: Pinterest.com

In 2020, bleached underneath hair will be in style. This is because it gives the appearance of highlights and locks in the hair extension. This is a safer way to dye your hair because it doesn’t include ammonia like regular hair dyes. It also won’t fade as quickly as standard hair dyes, so you’ll have a more vibrant color for a longer time.

25. Dying Bottom of Hair

Dying Bottom of Hair
Source: Pinterest.com

Many people are concerned about dying the bottom of their hair because it can make them look older. However, coloring the bottom of your hair can make you look younger. This is because it will pull the hair away from your face, giving you a slimmer appearance. You also won’t have to worry about the oily scalp and daily re-application of products.

26. Layer Colouring Hair

Hair Color Layered
Source: Pinterest.com

Adding a layer of colour to your hair can be fun and exciting. You can choose from various colours, and the results will look great. However, you should be aware of the risks when using hair colouring products. These products can damage hair if they are not used correctly and contain harsh chemicals that can cause skin irritation and other problems. If you want to add a layer of colour to your hair, be sure to use a safe product, and follow the instructions carefully.

27. Dark Brown Hair with Purple Peekaboos

Dark Brown Hair With Purple Peekaboos
Source: Pinterest.com

Dark brown hair with purple peekaboos is a hot trend this season. This brunette hair color is popular because it is versatile and easy to style. You can use a light highlighting shade like copper or gold for a sleek look. But if you want something with more oomph, try dark brown with purple tints. This combination will give your hair depth and dimension.

28. Dark Hair with Blonde Chunks Underneath

Dark Hair With Blonde Chunks Underneath
Source: Pinterest.com

Most people think dark hair with blonde chunks underneath is the ultimate look. However, there are a few people who think that this style is not perfect. Many believe that the light coloring appears artificial and makes the hair appear too dry. They also say that keeping the locks looking healthy and shiny can be difficult. If you are considering cutting your hair this way, research the pros and cons first.

29. Blonde Hair with Pink Underneath

Blonde Hair with Pink Underneath
Source: Pinterest.com

There is a big trend in blonde hair, but some people still want to add a touch of pink to their hair. Some blonde women choose to dye their hair orange or a light purple, while others go with blondes with pink undertones. It’s a personal preference, but whatever you do, don’t forget to use protection! Blonde hair is very prone to damage from the sun, so be sure to take care of it both on and off the beach.

30. Blonde Hair with Purple Underneath

Blonde Hair with Purple Underneath
Source: Pinterest.com

Combined with blond hair, the two colors create an attractive, unique look that will turn heads. The purple color combination is perfect for women who want to change their faces without going too far outside the box.

31. Red Hair with Blonde Underneath

Red Hair with Blonde Underneath
Source: Pinterest.com

According to hair colorists, red hair with blonde underneath is the most common hair color combination. This is because when light hits the red and blonde strands together, they create a multidimensional effect that looks good on everyone.

32. Blonde Under Brown Hair

Blonde Under Brown Hair
Source: Pinterest.com

There’s a reason why blonde under brown hair is so popular. The color combo is gorgeous and eye-catching and goes with almost any outfit. If you want to try this unique color combination, get your hair dyed at a professional salon.

33. Blonde Hair with Blue Underneath

Blonde Hair with Blue Underneath
Source: Pinterest.com

This gorgeous color will make your locks look lighter and give your hair a healthy shine. However, you can also try a golden brown or green if you want something more contrasting. Consult your stylist to ensure the blue underlayer color will look good on your skin tone and hair texture.

34. Blonde Hair with Red Lowlights Underneath

Blonde Hair with Red Lowlights Underneath
Source: Pinterest.com

If you want a fantastic hair color that will stand out, and make you stand out from the rest, consider hair with red light under it. Additionally, this unique coloring will have people staring in amazement, wondering what kind of dye job you did. It’s a fantastic hair color and perfect for women who want to stand out from the crowd.

35. Blonde On Top Dark Underneath

Blonde On Top Dark Underneath
Source: Pinterest.com

This hairstyle is perfect for those who want to add just the right amount of high-end attitude without extra work. Additionally, it takes just minutes to create! So give it a try today, and see how fab you look!

Let us know in comment, which Blonde Underlayer Hair Color you would like to try!

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