10 Best Going Away to College Gifts for Girls

Gifts for Girls

It’s hard to believe that she’s growing up so fast. She’s not that little girl anymore, so you might not be sure what she actually wants. If you need some inspiration, look no further than this list. There are so many great options, from handy portable chargers to vegan beauty products she’ll love. When you’re sending her away to college, get inspired by these ten of the best going away to college gifts for girls.

Gifts for Girls
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Vegan Beauty Products

The generation currently going to college is part of Gen Z, and you know what Gen Z loves? Ethical products that give back. If she loves makeup, she’s going to love thoughtful vegan beauty products. There are many reasons why she’ll love vegan beauty products once she’s off to college. These kinds of cosmetics save so many animals from harm and exploitation. With the stressful and often unpredictable lifestyle that comes with being a college student, vegan beauty products also help add a simple beauty routine to her day that she can count on.

Monthly Subscription Boxes

Monthly subscription boxes are like the modern-day care package. Give her the gift that keeps on giving with a subscription box so she can get a fun surprise every month. There are so many different kinds out there, depending on her style, taste, and interests. If she loves animals and beauty, get her a cruelty-free beauty box subscription. With a cruelty-free or vegan beauty box, she’ll discover a range of beauty brands that are on a mission to help minimize the suffering of our fellow animals on the planet. That can also mean environmentally friendly packages and more recycled plastics, or even zero waste packaging.

Face Masks

Help her get her beauty sleep on with a hydrating face mask. Her skin will be beautiful and glowing when she wears this mask overnight. No more worries even after she pulls yet another all-nighter. In general, face masks can be used to hydrate and moisture dry skin. They’ll help improve her skin texture and absorb any excess dirt and oil. She’ll be camera-ready for her next selfie or TikTok in no time.

Gifts for Girls: Noise Canceling Headphones
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Instant Camera

Remember those cheesy cameras in the 90s where we used to take photos and weren’t quite sure how they were going to turn out until you developed the roll? How about the thrill of taking a Polaroid and watching the photo come out, debating whether you need to shake to develop faster (don’t do it!)? Well guess what: instant cameras are back in fashion! Get her an instant camera so she’ll have plenty of pictures to hang up in her dorm.

Belt Bags

On that note, guess what else is back in fashion? Whether you call them fanny packs, bum bags, or belt bags, it’s not just your dad who loves them anymore. Now she’ll have an appreciation for the practicality of a totally hands-free belt bag. No more straining her shoulder with tote bags or being weighed down by a backpack. Have her pair her trendy belt bag with white sneakers, and she’ll be the coolest girl on campus.

Portable Charger

When she’s running around campus, the last thing she wants to see is her phone running low on battery. She won’t want to carry around a charging cord with her in hopes of finding an outlet somewhere and having to stay next to her phone the whole time. Instead, get her a portable charger. It’s a game changer for on-the-go!

Noise Canceling Headphones

With noise canceling headphones, she’ll be able to block out the world. She needs to study. She needs total concentration. Opt. for noise canceling headphones with smart noise cancellation. Also look for Bluetooth capability so she won’t need to worry about pesky wires getting tangled.

Gifts for Girls: Belt Bags
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Coffee Maker

Whether she’s chugging energy drinks or downing her third cup of coffee for the day, get her a simple drip coffee maker. You don’t need to get her anything too fancy like an espresso machine – a drip coffee machine will do just fine so she can brew in the wee hours without waking up her roomies.

Electric Kettle

If tea is more her style, get her an electric kettle. With an electric kettle, all she’ll need to do is add water and plug it into an outlet. This type of kettle comes in handy when she wants to drink hot tea or make a quick meal like instant noodles.

Laptop Cooling Pad

Some days, she’s just going to want to do her homework from the comfort of her bed or couch. Make sure she has a laptop cooling pad to keep her laptop from overheating. With a laptop cooling pad, according to Linux Hint, a quality cooling pad can help lower the temperature of your laptop on average, anywhere from about 14 to 30 degrees.

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