Tips for Choosing Men’s BB Simon Belts

Men's Bb Simon Belt

The topic here is fashion belts, which should be memorable, vivid, and three-dimensional. They establish your style and communicate who you are to the outside world, not to improve an outfit. You’ll be helped in your search by these recommendations for men’s fashion belts. Consider the following questions.

What’s on the Runways?

You may learn all about the newest trends and get inspired by watching men’s fashion shows. Gold is trendy this season, and jackets are decked out with “couture crystals.” The best method to wear the style more frequently without fully blowing your clothes budget is with a bb Simon belt.

How Often Will You Wear It?

Your first fashion belt should generally be silver, gold, or a variation of your unique colour if you intend to wear it frequently or with more designs.

Is It Highly Recommended?

Beginning with Madonna in the early 1990s, BB Simon belts have been seen on a number of famous people. Hip-hop artists have long been enamoured of the company.

What Size Do You Need?

BB Simon keeps things easy. When wearing the belt, take a measurement of the area. The amount of inches represents your size.

For more than 20 years, Dudes Boutique has carried bb simon belt mens and continues to be the largest authorised retailer. We can offer you more advice on how to select a men’s fashion belt that complements your individual style. Click here to dhgate online if you can’t find what you’re looking for and we’ll look for it for you.

B.B. Simon Stamp

The size number and BB Simon logo are imprinted on the interior leather of each belt. The ink used for the stamp is often metallic and comes in a variety of colours. There may also be a model code stamped occasionally.

Stitching, Studs, Leather

As seen, the stitching around the edges is not always uniform. Due to the fact that each belt is individually crafted, there will be significant variance based on how the leather work was done and how the beads on the edges were stitched.

B.B. Simon belts may contain press imprints on the leather’s reverse, albeit not all belt models will. On the belt’s interior leather, studs won’t show through. Only when the belt has substantial decorative items connected will there be metal fragments on the interior leather.

Tags & Storage Tins

The front tag’s colour will be matte black, not glossy. The rear of the tag has flat printing alone. The white thread knot can frequently be torn apart because the tags are not always cut evenly.

The quality of storage tins varies greatly. The tins are available in a range of colours and designs. Since 2019, B.B. Simon has started using tins without foam inserts that are declined on using adhesives. The entire tin is made of metal. The original tins that B.B. Simon used featured a foam insert in the bottom and significantly better quality control. The only metal parts of the ancient tins were their tops and bottoms. The cardboard cylinder on the older tins will have the b.b. Simon’s emblem is stamped on it.

What Makes a BB Belt Unique?

You can’t even compare them because a BB belt is superior in every way. When we mention this, we are referring to the item’s unique design, quality, and attention to detail. Since its inception, success has been on its side; as a result, some of the most well-known and admired names in retail have emerged, along with well-known celebrities and, don’t forget, collectors of such things.

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