Top 8 Things You Need to Check before Moving Into Your Condo

Things You Need to Check Before Moving Into New Condo

Your search for a new place to live has finally been successful, but your work is far from over. Having a home of your own is undoubtedly something you look forward to with great excitement, but when the time comes to move, it could feel too much to handle.

You’ve found a place, made initial visits, and are now prepared to formally make the move. You enjoy the atmosphere, but before you make it official, here’s a list of the things you need to check before moving in.

#1. Prepare Necessary Documents

No matter how many times you have relocated, keeping a record of dates, names, and numbers will make the process go more smoothly. Sort through all the pictures, papers, receipts, and other documents you will need to carry to your new condo.

Some developers may ask you to accomplish paperwork and pay a move-in fee. To avoid delays in your move-in, it is important to review the requirements with your agent or developer.

#2. Test Cell Phone Reception

Your target apartment should have decent mobile phone coverage, especially in this day and age where phone or laptop use is a necessity. Whenever you need to make or receive a call, you shouldn’t need to step outside in search of a better signal.

The internet connectivity should also be assessed during your new condo check. See if your building is internet-ready or if you need a new installation, and what service providers are available.

#3. Check Water Pressure

When taking a shower, doing laundry, or cleaning dishes, you need to have strong water pressure. Ensure the unit has sufficient water pressure by inspecting the shower and toilet. You can always call a plumber from Beaches if you feel that water flow might be an issue.

#4. Inspect Electrical Works

Although it may not be as exciting, this is absolutely required. Try flipping each switch in the unit. Additionally, bring a plug-able item with you, such as chargers, to check the functionality of the power outlets. See where the outlets are, as well as the power meter and the main switch.

#5. Do An Appliance And Furniture Check

It’s crucial to inspect the appliances and furniture in a fully or semi-furnished property that you’re renting. Check to see whether the stove, microwave, or refrigerator are all working perfectly. Depending on the unit size, you might also need to rethink and shop for new condo furniture in Toronto. Make sure they function and that you receive good value for your money.

#6. Examine Doors and Windows

Since doors and windows are the most frequent points of access, you should carefully examine them. Ensure they open correctly to avoid facing any difficulties in case of an emergency. Examine the windows for leaks or broken glass. Check the doors for gaps at the hinges or the knob, see if there is insulation, and keep an eye out for any other potential issues. For increased security, it is also suggested that you replace the locks and brace your windows and doors.

#7. Address Pest Problems

Checking for indications of a pest infestation in the apartment is one of the things to check for during an apartment walk-through. Checking for indications of a pest infestation during your apartment walk-through. Look for holes in the walls or ceiling, and behind cabinets and appliances. Inspect the restroom for mould. Keep an eye out for things like rat waste or insect eggs. If necessary, call a cockroach, rodent, or ant control in Orillia, and do it immediately.

#8. Find a Parking Spot, if necessary

You must check to see if there are any parking spaces available if your unit doesn’t come with one. You may face problems if there are just 20 parking slots available in a complex with around 100 residents. It would be beneficial if you could visit the unit at various times throughout the day. Most car owners are likely at work when you visit in the morning or afternoon.

Before moving into your new condo property, you must also complete any existing obligations in your present residence. Research diligently while inspecting the condo. Aside from viewing the unit, you should thoroughly study everything before signing because once the agreement is finalized, there is no looking back.

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