Best Traditional Indian lehengas For Navratri Festival

Traditional Indian lehengas

Dress, dazzle, and dance, the festival where people dress up and dance all nine nights, is here. People love to celebrate this joyous occasion with all their hearts and soul. They show their passion not only by dancing their hearts out but also by dressing in a colourful Indian lehenga.

A simple Indian Navratri lehenga choli gives a sense of gratification. It helps people connect to their culture and heritage. On the auspicious days of Navratri, women feel connected with their Indian selves by wearing traditional attire.

Best Traditional Indian Lehengas For Navratri Festival

Are you looking for some ideas about dressing this Navratri season? What’s better than traditional Indian outfits? Check out some famous Gujarati ghagra choli ideas you cannot resist wearing.

  • Kutch work

Famous kutch work ghagras are hand-embroidered lehengas that women in villages of Kutch make. It is also known as the Rabari work. These lehengas have fine embroidery and needlework. If you are looking for a Kutch work lehenga, you are most likely to find it on a cotton cloth. Most of these lehengas have heavy embroidery on all lehengas. If you are not a fan of wearing something this heavy, then you can opt for a plain lehenga with a heavily embroidered dupatta.

  • Patchwork

Patchwork is another famous design that one can commonly find in Gujarat. These lehengas are generally plain, printed, or dyed. On top of these, embroidered patches are stitched. Patchwork lehengas come in a variety of designs. Based on your taste you can select the type of design you like based on your taste. You can even get a customised patchwork lehenga.

  • Ambala work

Ambala’s work is also known as mirror work. The lehenga is finely designed with different shapes and sizes of mirrors. Along with the mirror work, fine embroidery is also commonly seen. Since mirrors broke and caused injuries, these days, radiant reflecting sheets are used for the same purposes. If you are going for a dark-coloured outfits in style, you must go ahead with Ambala’s work.

  • Bandhani lehenga choli

The famous bandhani printed lehenga can never go wrong. The cloth is tied, bleached, and then dyed. Bandhani lehenga choli is available in cotton and silk fabric. Bandhani outfits are available in many different ways.

A classic bandhani dress will do wonders if you are also looking for a Dusshera outfit. You can opt for a saree, a suit or an Anarkali. If you are someone who loves going a little extra to the festivals, this will be love at first sight for you.

  • The rabari choli

The famous rabari choli is a three-fourth sleeve blouse. It is till the waistline and generally backless. Rabari blouses are commonly made of plain cotton fabric in a single colour with embroidery done with a contrasting colour. Pair this with a plain ghagra of the same or contrasting colour, and you have a full outfit. If you want a heavier look, you can select a heavily embroidered dupatta or a dupatta with a heavy border and latkans all over it.

  • South Indian lehenga

This is indeed a unique piece in itself. It is a silk-based lehenga with delicate prints. This is a great pick if you are going for a more sophisticated look. You can pair this with a silk dupatta, carefully pleated around your waistline for a richer look.

Modern Touches To The Traditional Lehenga Choli

People these days love experimenting and trying on new and different things. The same is the case with the traditional lehenga choli. There are many such fashion trends that people pick up to be trendy and in fashion. Here are some fusion ideas that you can try too.

  • Kamar bandh for a belt

The kamar bandh is a famous piece of jewellery that most women wear on their waistlines for a slimmer look. It also helps to keep the dupatta in place. These days, thick kamar bandhs made with fabric commonly flood the market. These kamar bandhs are also heavily embroidered. Women these days have been wearing these kamar bandhs as belts for a heavier and sleek look.

  • Dupattas with ruffles

The classic dupattas go a long way. To give it a modern touch, opt for dupattas with ruffles. Ruffles give your outfit extra volume and frills. You can even opt for ruffles and frills on your lehenga for an extravaganza look.

  • Put on a jacket

Get rid of your traditional dupatta. Instead, wear a thick jacket with a lehenga. Jackets are a novel approach to give your ensemble more character and zing. You can choose a complementing jacket with interesting patchwork and additional colours. Additionally, you can use this to improve the vibe of your clothing. Also, you can choose jackets with embroidery. Additionally, it will help you appear a little heavier overall. You can use a denim jacket for a more contemporary appearance.

  • Switch the blouse with a tunic or Kurti

Kurtis and tunics make you feel safe and comfortable. If you are more self-conscious, this is a great way to feel more secure. A short-length tunic is ideal as it will help you flaunt your lehenga equally well.

  • Floral Indian lehenga

Floral prints are definitely in this season. You can opt for an organza lehenga with big floral prints. Choose a lehenga with a heavy border and embroidery. This is one of the latest Indian lehenga designs that you must have in your wardrobe.

  • Lehenga with layers

Your clothing will have more volume and bounce with a layered chaniya choli. You can play with the layers’ lengths and colours. Think about how a layered lehenga will appear if you enjoy taking swirls. If you want a more dramatic look, you can further pair this with a dupatta that has ruffles.


The season of Navratri is all about dancing and enjoying yourself with your friends and family. Most people also use this time to dress up and experiment with their looks. While many prefer traditional and authentic lehenga choli, many also like to give it a modern edge. Whatever your style, enjoy it to the fullest this season.

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