How to Master Business Travel in the Winter Like a Pro?

Master Business Travel in the Winter

Traveling is never easy. Winter travel is particularly difficult, especially for those who aren’t used to the cold. However, it’s not impossible.

Winter can be a great time to conduct business travel. Don’t neglect this overlooked period. Doing so will cost you many opportunities.

Here is how you can face the cold and master winter travel.

#1. Planning

Every great business trip requires planning.

Winter travel is no different in this respect. It will even require more planning than usual. You will need to have backup plans ready.

Flights are more likely to be canceled during the winter. This is particularly true if you are heading to cold destinations. Blizzards, storms, and other hazards can lead to flight cancellations.

The holidays are a particularly busy time for travel. This leads to overbookings and even more cancelations or adjustments.

Avoid traveling around Christmas and Thanksgiving if you can. Since you’re planning a business trip, you probably won’t be traveling during these times anyway.

Create a backup plan for trip changes. Plan what clothes you need to pack. You won’t be able to predict the weather perfectly.

But it’s a safe bet that it’s going to get cold.

#2. Good Housing

You need a place that is going to keep you warm.

Double-check that your accommodations have hot water, warm beds, and a good heating system. Make sure they have a kettle and coffee machine.

Since you probably don’t know your way around, hire a booking service like Hotel Engine to take care of these details for you. They specialize in business travel and can find the best prices in the industry.

If you’re sending workers on a trip, you want to make sure you take extra special care of them. You’re asking them to brave a new environment.

Don’t assume that everyone is used to the cold.

There might be people on your team who’ve never seen snow before. They might not even have the right clothes for the trip.

If that’s the case, invest extra in good housing. Splurge a bit so that everyone feels comfortable.

The last thing you want is an upset team during the winter months.

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#3. Unique Destinations

Don’t travel where everyone else is going.

Pick a destination that is off people’s radar. Ski resorts are going to be crowded. Beaches will probably be full of snowbirds.

Consider heading to the opposite hemisphere! While it’s winter in North America, it’s summer in Australia. Take advantage of this.

Everyone gets tired of the same vacation, anyway.

Give everyone the trip that they’re going to remember. There’s no reason why work trips can’t be fun and memorable.

Let your employees take their families with them for a change. Give them an extra day or two off so that they can enjoy themselves.

If you head somewhere off of people’s radar, you won’t have much competition. Head to a conference that doesn’t get much attention.

The hosts will be grateful that you’ve come.

#4. Warm Coats

Winter gear is not something to pinch pennies on.

You won’t be able to work well if you aren’t warm. The problem is that winter clothes are bulky. Anyone who’s been skiing understands this hassle.

Find a coat designed for travelers like these on Smarter Travel.

Layer your clothes. Don’t forget the long underwear. You won’t realize what a difference it makes until you try it.

It’s better to take jackets and sweaters off as opposed to not having enough clothes. You can’t make coats appear out of thin air.

Don’t forget your coat at home. They aren’t cheap.

#5. Hybrid Work

Workers prioritize hybrid work above all else.

Employees aren’t willing to come into the office at all hours anymore.

There is a lot of work that can be done from home or remotely. If you’re sending workers away for work, let them enjoy it.

Business travelers always complain about not being able to enjoy their destinations. That needs to change.

Letting them work remotely for a few days won’t affect productivity. In fact, the opposite is true.

And they’ll be grateful for the chance to travel.


Winter can be the most profitable time of year for business travel. It just requires a bit of extra planning.

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