A Step-By-Step Guide To Creating An Awesome Travel Video

How To Create An Awesome Travel Video

The popularity of video content in the modern digital age is on an upward trajectory. Some videos are demanded more by the audience than others. Travel video content certainly tops the list of popular videos.

A well-created travel video allows people to explore a destination without even visiting. It takes them for a virtual ride to that place. However, it is hard for travel vloggers to showcase everything through their videos. It requires a deep technical knowledge of various camera angles. Also, one needs to master the art of video editing.

A new destination might have much to offer. However, it’s tough to capture the true essence of the place so that viewers watching it on their phone screens can feel the same as you did while visiting the place.

Creating a fantastic travel video requires knowing what to showcase and what to hide. You need to have the right frame to capture things. Then, the post-editing process should be used to make up for the missing elements. Adding the right audio, light effects, layers, etc., can be a game-changer. Read on to learn more about how to create an awesome travel video.

How to create awesome travel videos?

Creating awesome travel videos requires a combination of skills and experience. You might be one of the best video creators who knows the ins and outs of video editing and camera angles. However, if you have no experience creating travel videos, it will take some time to master the craft.

You can’t expect to produce the best output in the very first go. It is something that you must accept and be okay with. You will learn better as you visit more places and capture new destinations. An excellent way to find out about the performance of your travel videos is by exploring the audience’s reactions and comments. Here are some practical tips to be mindful of while creating travel videos.

Choose the right location

Travel Video Shoot Location

A scenic destination will always give you an eye-catchy travel video if you know how to capture the place. Choosing the right place/location is one of the most critical factors in creating awesome video content.

Selecting the location is the first thing one does before anything else is certain. If you have already built an audience base on social media platforms, you can opt for an audience poll to choose the location. People are more likely to watch videos about places they want to discover.

Pack all essential gear

Essential Camara Gear

“Don’t bring a sword to a gunfight.” You must have heard about this expression before. It also applies in the context of video creation. If you want to create extraordinary travel video content, you can’t just rely on basic camera gadgets like your smartphone.

You need the right travel gear to make the journey less challenging and the output more rewarding. You must carry a good quality camera, a sturdy tripod stand, a hard drive, lens and cleaning solutions, additional batteries, etc.

Ensure the safety of camera gadgets and have a backup plan

Safety of Camera Gadgets

It is vital to ensure that your camera gear is safe and not prone to data leaks. At times, the camera memories fail to save a captured video. Therefore, it’s essential to check and secure your camera gadgets.

Also, carrying a hard drive for backing up data is highly recommended. It is necessary to have a hard drive. Not creating backups can backfire at times. Your hard work will be in vain if you cannot access the video files. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a backup plan. You can also opt for cloud solutions to create backups.

Plan your travel itinerary and shooting schedules

Plan your travel itinerary and shooting schedules

Planning your travel schedule ahead of time while visiting a new place is essential. Traveling to a new location is always exciting. There’s a lot to explore, from food and markets to local culture and people.

However, you can’t shoot everything; it will limit your travel and can be overwhelming sometimes. Therefore, you also need to have a shooting schedule. You must prioritize places that you want to capture and show your audience. You can’t be shooting 24*7. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize and list the things you will be capturing and create a schedule for the same.

Capture as much as possible

Capture all the Moments

This is the most crucial part of creating travel videos. You must focus on capturing as much content as possible. However, it shouldn’t hamper your travel experience. Shooting as much as possible can help you in creating the best videos. You will have more options to try while editing videos.

It allows for more flexibility in the post-editing process. Also, you must try to capture things from different camera angles. Some of the most used camera angles/shots for travel video content include close-ups, time lapses, and hyper lapses. It is also important to configure the camera settings before trying different shots. If you are using a new camera gear, it’s essential to experiment with the setting and learn how to use it.

Review and edit the videos

Review and Edit the Videos

Reviewing the travel footage you have captured is essential. It will help you find the best clips you want to insert in the travel video. Reviewing the clips will help you find the right ones and discard the ones that aren’t appealing.

The next step is to use a quality video editor for the editing process. You should learn to work on your chosen video editing tool to produce the best output. High-quality video editors can simplify the post-editing process. However, you must know the technicalities involved in delivering a quality output. Using the right effects can also set the mood for your audience. One must learn to use other essential editing elements, including transitioning and color schemes.

Add the right music

Audio Clip

Music is one of the most critical elements for any type of video. It can help you invoke the right emotions from the audience. Not syncing the videos with the right audio clip can be detrimental to the performance of your video.

You must be careful about choosing the audio that will be played in the background, as it has a massive impact. For example, you can’t use fun music if you want to convey sorrow and tragedy. It will ruin the video. Therefore, choosing the right music is as important as selecting the right gear. Also, you must refrain from using copyrighted music in your video clips. There are platforms that allow you to source copyright-free music.

Exporting video files

Nowadays, video editors offer a wide range of exporting formats to help users publish content on different platforms. The best practice for exporting video files is to select the highest-quality format. It can help you compress the video or use it in the best quality. However, it’s crucial to note that different platforms have varied format and size requirements. Therefore, it’s best to do basic research regarding the platform you plan to use before exporting the video files.

Final words

Creating an awesome travel video requires a lot of preparation and experimenting. You can’t expect the best output in the first go. Learning about different camera angles and the editing process is crucial to creating quality videos.

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