For a Happy Bride: 6 Things to Share with Your Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner

Wedding planning stress can push anyone to the edge. With the bride and groom as the main highlight of the event, having them plan and organize the wedding and reception is a bad idea. For marital bliss to have a solid wonderful start, it has to begin with happiness and you can’t have that if you are bombarded with every tiny detail that goes to planning a wedding.

So, instead of pulling your hair out before you walk down the aisle, why not consider hiring a wedding planner to help. For the wedding to run smoothly, as a couple, you need to communicate your preferences to the planner. What are these crucial details?

  1. Itinerary and Theme

Your wedding motif is a reflection of your values and personality as a couple. In a way, how you want to introduce yourself as a married couple to the world is reflected in how your ceremony is carried out and designed.

Do you want it to be elegant, sophisticated, and traditional? Or, do you want it to be modern, sleek, and boundary-breaking? The choice is up to you, but you’ll have to carefully share this with your planner so they can coordinate their sketches and your personal vision.

Wedding planning in Toronto and other places is the same – as the client, your vision should always be the guiding star. Having this connection will make it easier for the planner to organize the entire service so it reflects your desired mood for the entire event.

  1. Schedule and Mode of Communication

The months leading up to the wedding will have plenty of appointments – from your relatives, friends, seamstress, chef, band, DJ, and more. You’ll have to either meet up with them or call them personally to share your preferences.

During this period, your wedding planner will be there to guide you all through this endless list. As the client, you have to be there to answer their questions, make your decisions, and listen to their updates.

However, keep in mind that you don’t need to be stressed out. So, instead of making your phone accessible 24/7, set up a professional time and schedule, which indicates when and how would you like to be contacted.

This way, it sets up a boundary between the client and arduous planning that can seal off any wedding stress and fight off any cold feet jitters.

  1. Realistic Guest Count

Friends and family are important witnesses to your momentous exchange of vows. Their presence at your wedding will be there to celebrate your love and upcoming years of marital bliss.

However, if you’re on a budget, having a huge guest list can be a problem. A bigger party will require more food catering, larger event space, and more funds to spend. So, try to limit the important people that you want to invite.

Be realistic with your guest counts and only include those who have contributed greatly to your love story. Logistics can also be a problem for guests who live too far away. And, forcing them to come by giving them such an important part in the wedding may seem more like an unwelcome imposition than a heartfelt invitation. So make sure to prepare for bus service in Toronto.

So, be wary of who and how many you invite. Once you’ve figured it out tell your planner right away, so they can determine the amount of food to be served, and how big the wedding and reception area needs to be.

  1. Wedding Must-Haves

Every bride and groom has a must-have list for their dream wedding. However, be it due to conflicting interests and preferences, or a general lack of budget, a compromise with this list will be advised.

For your wedding planner to carefully incorporate all your desired elements into your wedding, show them the final list of must-haves to make it easier for them in planning.

  1. Food Allergies

Knowing dietary preferences among your guests is a crucial thing for your planner and caterer. Forgetting someone’s allergies could mean life and death. So, before you accept any responses to your wedding, try to ask the guests first about their food preferences and allergies to make sure that the chef can provide the best dishes for the reception party.

  1. Photo List

Hiring a photographer to immortalize one of your most precious moments here on Earth is always a good move. Having a wedding planner and professional photographer who specializes in family portrait photography allows you to follow through with your vision, as they will be there to take all the planned and random shots.

And, to make the process easier to manage, coordinate with them your desired shots and arrangements.

Amidst the confusion of your wedding day, your planner will be the one to rein it all in and flesh out the beauty in it. However, to successfully execute your vision, you have to tell them beforehand the vital factors that you want to be included.

From the décor, sitting arrangement, food, gowns, tuxedos, and more, the list could become endless. You don’t have to stress out about these details because that’s what wedding planners are for.

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