5 Expert Tips to Help You Choose the Best Quality Hoodies

Best Quality Hoodies

Finding the right comfortable hoodie is certainly a challenge for most of us. Hoodies not only keep us warm and cosy but also are the go-to clothing piece when we wish to don a sporty look. Undoubtedly, hoodies are the best piece of clothing one can ever own! And that too if you are living in a place that has cold weather then snuggling into a soft hoodie is a comfort that is priceless. However, it is imperative to choose the best quality hoodies to experience matchless comfort and to don a look that can never go wrong.

So, how can you make sure to buy the best quality hoodies? Well, we have you covered! In this article, we shall focus on five main aspects that you need to focus on while buying a hoodie.

1. Hoodie Style

The two most popular types of hoodie styles are zip-ups and pullovers. Besides these, there are other styles like button-downs, side-zips, and others.

So, what is the difference between zip-ups and pullovers? The main difference between these two styles is how you wear them.

1. Zip-Up hoodies: Zip-up hoodies boast two front pockets. These are trendier and versatile. The zipper helps in maintaining body temperature. The zip can be opened or closed as per requirement. MUVAZO offers some of the best quality hoodies that will not only help you stay warm but also accentuate your overall look.

2. Pullover hoodies: These types of hoodies have to be worn by the head. Pullover hoodies have one big pocket in the front. These hoodies can be worn over all types of T-shirts or shirts or as a separate piece of clothing over a casual pair of jeans to don a distinct look. Just like zip-up hoodies, there are many brands in the market offering pullover hoodies, however, MUVAZO has some mesmerizing patterns to choose from.

2. Hoodie Fabric

Just like T-shirts, hoodies are crafted from certain types of fabrics. There are many fabric blends that are used to make hoodies, however, the most popular and favourite one is cotton followed by polycotton or polyester and cotton blend fabric. Cotton is soft to feel and skin-friendly while polycotton does not shrink.

Apart from the above, sweatshirt fleece is the softest and warmest fabric one can own. This is because this fleece has shredded yarn loops on the inside. These loops are brushed to lend a frayed and fuzzy look. This technique is done to make the fabric super soft and warmer. French Terry is yet another fabric that is light in weight than fleece but is not as soft as fleece. The yarn loops are kept intact. The French terry is light in weight and hence it helps you stay cooler. It is highly absorbent and breathable compared to other fabrics.

3. Hoodie Size

Hoodie sizes are normally the ones as per your T-shirt size. However, please note, 100% cotton hoodies are likely to shrink as compared to those made using polyester, and blended fabrics. Hoodie size also depends on various other factors like styles, and cuts. It is always a good idea to check the measurements before making the purchase.

One thing we must consider is that the above is not applicable to oversized hoodies. Oversized hoodies are generally loose when it comes to fitting. These are always the most preferred type of hoodies and while buying these hoodies, make sure you buy one from a good brand like MUVAZO.

4. Hoodie Fit

Earlier, the choices were limited when it came to custom sportswear, hoodies, or T-shirts. Later, the game changed with the introduction of side seams or fashion-fit cuts. Fashion-fit cuts are also called slim-fit, Euro fit, retail for, or simply fitted.

Often, women’s wear was always fitted, but now men’s styling also has some body-hugging apparel and ones that lend a slim look to their silhouette.

5. Men’s, women’s, and unisex hoodies

Earlier, the hoodies were clearly bifurcated as men and women. However, now we have a new category called unisex hoodies. Unisex hoodies are the same as men’s, however, with a little variation. The main difference between a men’s hoodie and a women’s hoodie is that the women’s hoodies are contoured to match a female figure. The cut will have small shoulders, a tapered waistline, and a little flare around the hips. The men’s hoodies will be wider around the waist, shoulders, and arms.

Unisex hoodies will be sized and fashioned in a way that they can be worn by both men and women.

Now, that you know how to pick the right hoodie, beating the cold and looking trendy at the same time will not be so difficult anymore.

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