Wonderful Ways to Personalize a Birthday Brunch

Wonderful Ways to Personalize a Birthday Brunch

Brunch is now, certainly in this country, the most popular meal of the day and is even more common for the meal of choice for celebrations and parties.So, whether you are tasked with organizing your partner’s birthday, your mother’s, or your best friend’s big celebration, then continue reading for some wonderful ideas on how to personalize the brunch.

Bake a Cake for Dessert

When you have found the perfect café or restaurant to host the brunch celebration, you will be safe in the knowledge that the food is taken care of.However, even if the particular venue also offers an impressive array of desserts, any reputable restaurant will be more than happy for you to take along your own cake to present to the VIP after the meal. Baking your own cake will show your loved one just how much you care for them and what is more, you could even visit www.confectioncouturestencils.com for some customized stencils with your friend’s name and age.

Invite Surprise Guests!

If you are in charge of the guest list and confirming numbers for the birthday brunch, then another superb way of making this the brunch event of the year is to invite some secret guests who the VIP will never expect to come.This could include old friends from school that they are still in touch with, but live too far away; or friends who have previously said they are unable to come, but you have since found out that they are now free.

Visit the Venue Beforehand

Another mistake people make when planning a brunch for a birthday or other type of celebration (or a get-together in a pub or restaurant at any time of the day for that matter) is that they think it will be ok to rush into the restaurant ahead of the VIP and decorate the table.However, in reality, it may well be the case that the people who booked the table before you are running late, or else there has been a mix-up (as can easily happen) and you are all required to wait in the bar till another table nearby becomes available. To eradicate the possibility of any such event, it is strongly advisable for you, or a trusted helper, to visit the venue way ahead of time to ensure that everything is in order.

Consider a Theme!

There is nothing like a theme (be that with the decorations and/or the outfits) to truly get a party started-especially one that is starting in the middle of the afternoon.If you do decide to set a fancy dress theme, for example, for all the guests to adhere to, you should check with the restaurant just to be sure they let large groups of people in fancy dress in. However, as themed brunches are incredibly popular, it is highly likely that this will be the ‘norm’ for them and that there will not be an issue.

Host the Brunch Yourself!

Finally, if you are looking for a slightly more intimate setting for your guest of honor and are planning a birthday celebration which will be more than a few hours in duration, you may want to consider hosting the brunch yourself at your home.If you do decide to choose this particular avenue-and especially in the event that there are more than a handful of guests-a birthday brunch buffet may well be a viable alternative to a sit-down meal. This way, people can help themselves to food as and when, which makes for a more informal and arguably, more enjoyable, afternoon.

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