6 Tips for Designing a Home that Reflects Your Personality

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If you’re recently purchased a home or think it’s high time to spice up your current home design, you’re not alone. Recently, homeowners are trending away from cookie-cutter design trends and keeping personality at the forefront of their home.

A thoughtful interior will give plenty of insight into the owner’s passions and interests. For those of us without an eye for interior design, figuring out how to showcase your personality in your decor may not be so simple, so follow these 6 tips for inspiration!

Think about your lifestyle and functionality needs

First and foremost, your home needs to be a functioning space for your and your family. Do you need multi-purpose spaces? Do you care more for comfort or style? Will you be hosting often?

If you want your home to be a cozy oasis to escape after a long workday, you’ll want to design a calming atmosphere and put comfort at the heart of all your design choices. If you work from home, perhaps you’ll need to use the kitchen island as a multi-purpose workstation – afterall, creating a home office is a simple way to add value to your home. Always keep your functioning needs in mind as you decide how to decorate your space.

Stop relying on neutrals and experiment with some color

Not sure what your style is? You’re not alone. Thankfully, figuring out what design trends match your personality is part of the process and experimenting is the name of the game.

Just as homes are becoming more personalized, expect to see the same rise in color. While neutral, solid colors were once uber-popular, homeowners are embracing style through paint, wallpaper, and textiles, so don’t be afraid to add a few pops of color to your new home. Not to mention, according to HomeLight’s Top Agent Insights for Fall 2022, 78% of real estate agents recommend painting the walls of your home as an easy way to increase your home’s value, so it’s never a bad idea.

Create impact with wall art

Hanging art on your walls is an instant way to inject personality into your surroundings, so go on the hunt for your favorite paintings, photography, or prints to stylize your home.

While sourcing artwork might be a challenge, check out local artists in your community, visit online sites like Etsy, or search online for photography of your favorite places. If you have a blank wall, a wall collage can mix lots of different styles of art without seeming cluttered. Even if you’re staging your home for sale, a trusted real estate agent will attest to the importance of decorating in order for buyers to truly picture themselves in your home.

Source unique pieces of furniture

While it might be easy to one-stop-shop at Ikea, you won’t find anything unique or tailored to your personality at large retailers.

Whether you like mid-century modern pieces or you’re searching for a more weathered, farmhouse look, your furniture says a lot about your personality. Finding unique second hand prices from flea markets and antique shops is a great way to decorate your home without breaking the bank.

Remember, don’t limit yourself to one style, as mixing vintage with modern provides depth and layers.

Design focal points in each room

Whatever aspect of your room you like the best, draw attention to it. Frame an eye-catching painting over your fireplace mantle, hang an old-fashioned chandelier over your antique dining table, or place succulents over your farmhouse sink. Remember, you can distract from less attractive areas of your home by emphasizing the best parts, so long as you do something to draw the eye.

Choose home decor based on your hobbies and interests

No matter your passions – whether it be art, music, fashion, or spots – let your home be a reflection of yourself by choosing home decor that reflects your hobbies and interests.

Love music? Put your favorite vinyl album on full display. Book worms, display your favorite novels on display on bookshelves, coffee tables, or even mantels. Into woodworking or crafts? Display your hard work all over your home.

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