How to Care For Your Clothes – and Keep Them For Longer

How to Care For Your Clothes

Did you know millions of clothes go to landfills each year? Clothes are estimated only to have an average lifetime of 2 years. It is upsetting that what we wear contributes to pollution. That’s why it is essential to know how to care for your clothes, you can keep them longer, and it helps dramatically reduce emissions.

Here are some ways that can help you keep your clothes longer:

Wash less.

You do not have to call the laundry pickup and delivery service daily. Thinking twice before putting your clothes in the laundry hamper is better. Washing them too often may damage the fibers and decrease their lifespan.

Jeans, sleepwear, and jackets are not advisable to wash immediately. You can use them more than twice, or wash them only when there is a noticeable smell or dirt. The only exception for this is your undergarments. You have to wash them every after use.

Pay attention to wash labels.

Before the laundry pickup service gets your dirty clothes, make sure you have paid attention to the care labels of your clothes. Your clothing materials need a different laundry approach. Some require a specific laundry or wash cycle. Sending your clothes that need to be hand washed to a laundry service may damage them.

If you are doing the laundry at home or the laundromat, ensure that there is an extra space in the tumble drum to provide no overfilling. Overfilling the washer or dryer causes damage to the machine and the clothes.

Use low water temperature when washing.

Washing your clothes at low water temperature reduces the produced emission during the washing and drying process, while it also protects your clothes. You do not have to worry about laundry detergent. Most high-efficiency laundry detergents are compatible with cold water. It can make your clothes clean and soft while preventing their color from fading.

Reduce dry cleaning.

Some clothes require dry cleaning. This laundry process uses a highly chemical-intensive process that harms the clothes and the environment. More importantly, avoid buying clothes that require dry cleaning only.

If the only option for the garment is dry cleaning, then it is time to look for a laundry service that is environmentally friendly and only uses non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products.

Use eco-friendly laundry detergents.

Some laundry shops do not use eco-friendly detergents, and the standard detergents contain harsh chemicals that may harm the environment. Instead, support those laundry shops that only use eco-laundry products.

Air dry.

Air drying is the most recommended method to dry clothes. Clothes casually turned into the dryer might become damaged because of the heat. Although some clothes are compatible with dryers, you have to check the label. You can air dry your clothes for better results. Shake out the clothes before you hang them on the drying line.

If you take good care of your clothes, it significantly increases their lifespan, and you’ll save money like a pro. Care for our planet; always remember these tips.

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