10 Essential nail art hacks

nail art hacks

from nail art DIYs, to tools, to fun ideas and trending designs, this blog is full of articles that are perfect for your next nail care session. Become the life of the party with 10 essential nail art hacks!

Base Coat

One thing that I’ve learned the hard way is that almost any color polish can easily be ruined by a simple mistake. Necklaces not long enough to cover your nail? Add on a charm! A classic design or print too big for your nails? Print it onto some vinyl cutouts and let them hover over-paint as you drag around attached to your nails! Conversely, if you have several coats of color on your tips, try using stickers to highlight the tips with streaks and dots of different colors. Another tip that I’ve recently been adding to my routines is skipping a few steps in the manicure process. First glossing then scrubbing, I take out all but one coat of color (Liberte ♥), then apply glitter

Gel Top Coat

Gel top coat makes this easy. You just need a quality top coat that has the same ingredients in it as your nail polish. Gather either a clear or base color and then add some very fine white glitter to it with gel top coat. Apply one coat of the gel polish directly onto your nails and secure with another layer of gel. Finish by applying the gel topcoat as a single stroke over all your fingers/a full set of nails.

Securing the Tip

Consumers are always looking for those little tricks, tricks that will make the time they take in their hair intake more enjoyable. No, you can’t just blow on your nails and hope that it is done right. Use these hacks to polish your nails to perfection, then brush away any smudges or streaks with a towel.


Simple step-by-step instructions will take you from polished to showstopping nails in a matter of minutes. Peel the layers slowly from the top of your nail, through the ridges and towards the edge, removing them completely. Then turn your attention to your finger tips for finishing touches.

Using a Sponge for Ombre

Nail art designs have seen a resurgence in popularity this year, and if you’re creative with your personal style, you may have already tried out some of these hacks. Paint polish with a sponge and use it as an applicator to create your own unique nail design. To add an ombre effect, dip the top of the sponge in paint pastel colors, gently blot along the bottom of your nail to create streaks.

Diverting the Line

When you hear the word nail art, you might immediately think “shimmery, diamond studded gems and bright neon-colored polka dots. Far from it! In fact, nail art is something as starkly simple as painting your nails in streaks of black or different colored lines.

Thin Finish

One of the most important things to achieving nail art that is both quick and easy is using a thin polish. If you’re not willing to go through the effort of being patient, you better be prepared for multiple coats!

Dipping Dots

In today’s day and age of nail art, nail artists are constantly finding new ways to pinkify the blogosphere. One of the best fads has been dipping dots into different colored, or even clear nail polish. They say this makes all the difference in your manicure look, plus it takes a lot less time than actually painting stripes and dots on your nails.

Easter Eggs

Easter egg nail art is a popular way to finish off a look for the holiday. With these nail art hacks, you can transform your bland nails into something delightful to share with family and friends.

Sticking onto Nails

Nail art using adhesive backings is a thick, hard-backed substance that can be applied to nails in order to prevent the paint from coming off. Nail art helps people express themselves and create a variety of different accessories and decorations. One of the ways in which nail artists use this technique is by focusing on painting designs onto the backings of nails. Adhering metallic decorations like sequins or rhinestones onto your adhesives will make them shiny and beautiful, and adding layers on top will make them appear rich without having to paint anything specialty. Cover one entire nail in gold glitter before attaching a second one on top so they look extra powerful.

Using Holographic Powder

All you need is a container, holographic powder and food-safe sealer. Apply it with a small dabbing motion on your nail and see the stunning result! It’s also perfect for use on glittering nail art.


You can go wild with nail art. You can be different and make your own masterpiece using our industry-proven hacks. Just remember the guidelines that are set in this article and live by them. Following the rules will allow you to masterfully paint your nails without fail.

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