10 Tips for Brightening Skin with the Wrong Shade

Tips to Brighten Your Skin

Skin care is a topic that often comes up when people talk about beauty, there’s really no shortage of tips and methods for brightening your skin across the web. However, note that being in your own skin tone also means choosing the wrong shade can also make it harder to find a method that works for you. Here are 10 different speeds for achieving radiant skin.

How to Prep Your Skin

The first thing you might want to do is simply cleanse off your makeup- this will leave your skin looking fresh, dewy and vitality. You’ll want to avoid washing your face too often, lest your skin begins to get dry and irritated, but splash some water or use a gentle cleanser on your makeup-up. Next comes sun protection: SPF products are great not just because they protect you from sunlight damage, but they also add natural shine and moisture to the skin

Getting Rid of Acne Scars

A scar might be a product of our skin’s attempt to heal, but it can also result in the loss of color. And the time, energy and money that it takes to get rid of them can be difficult to justify. Luckily, many of these scars can be easily treated with safe and effective home remedies that don’t require any medical intervention.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

There is a lot of confusion around hyaluronic acid, which is often referred to as hyaluronic acid or HA, serum or cream and similar names. HA can be mixed with other ingredients that are not disclosed, which can lead to all different effects on skin. Blog describes 10 tips for brightening skin with the wrong shade and applying the right one.

How To Find Your Shade of Foundation

Face makeup is one of the most important skincare products. A must-have beauty product, foundation can make a person look good and even rehydrate the skin. It should be applied correctly for the best effects. For example, if one is picking up too much color then less will show on the clothes instead of blotchy patches in public view. Another problem with picking up too much color from a tube or jar of makeup can lead to patchy or uneven coverage and streaks that are hard to hide with other makeup over it.

Using A Primer

Many people think that primers help with makeup by filling in pores and trapping on the oil, but one of the biggest benefits is skin brightness. Applying a primer to dark or dull skin can noticeably boost its color without having to use expensive masks and creams. It can also extend the wearabilty of your makeup for as long as 12 hours.

Some Tips For Eye Makeup

However, you may not feel like taking hours in your lives. In these situations, the best thing you can do is grab a primer worth its weight in gold: an eyeshadow color with no harsh glittery iridescence to it. It’s better for eyes, because it helps brighten the area and give them a more even tone when using layers of different colors.

Emphasizing Eyebrows

The coloration of your eyebrows can help make your face look more attractive. To emphasize eyes and create a more flattering overall effect, focus on utilizing contrasting colors to accentuate them. This can include eyebrow pencil that’s an entirely different color than the rest of you eye shadow, or brow irridescent contouring powder to ground them out.

Makeup That Fools Facial Recognition Software

There is one piece of makeup that works better than sunscreen and we all know that: it’s lip balm. Lips are constantly exposed to UV rays and this contributes to sun damage as well as premature aging. It is also important to find a shade of your skin tone so the right tone can be accentuated by the color used. This may seem like an easy way to go about it, but there is no quick fix for making sure you’re wearing the most flattering shade of lipstick or eyeshadow.

Hygienes Tips for Application

The first step to achieving a lighter complexion is to take care of your skin before you begin. Be sure not only to use clean water on your face and hands but also wash your makeup brushes or sponge often where bacteria can become resistant within. Avoid using heavy lotions on your face. Using a sanitizing bar at night is sufficient.


No one wants to look older than they absolutely have to. That is why you should be taking care of your skin by following these tips no matter what kind of makeup you’re wearing or how much time and money you spend on it.

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