What is a Bow Tie? And Why Are They Making a Comeback Now?

Bow Tie Trends

There are many types of men’s neckties out there – bow ties, ascots, and cravats all fall into the category of “non-standard” or “alternative” neckwear. But why? And why are bow ties making a comeback now? Here is everything you need to know about bow ties before you invest in one. A bow tie is a piece of clothing that also serves as an article of fashion. It consists of a band (normally made from cloth) tied in the shape of a bow around the collar of another garment. Bow ties are most commonly associated with formal attire, such as tuxedos and evening jackets. In fact, they’re almost always worn by waiters and bartenders because they have the ability to add sophistication to even the most basic outfit.

Why Are Bow Ties Making a Comeback Now?

In the 1940s and ’50s, the bow tie fell out of fashion for a number of reasons. World War II put a halt to many of the extravagances of the 1920s and ’30s, including the use of bow ties. The war effort also created a demand for more practical garments, and the bow tie’s lack of functionality made it impractical. The invention of the “quick-tie” shirt, which was designed to be easily unfastened, also caused the bow tie to fall out of fashion. The advent of the t-shirt, as well as a growing youth culture that was more rebellious, also contributed to the decline in popularity of the bow tie. For decades, the bow tie was used almost exclusively for children’s dress.

How to Wear a Bow Tie: 3 Steps

To wear a bow tie, simply put the tie around your collar with the ends on the back of your neck. Then, take one end, bring it around the back of the other end, and then bring it back to the front again. Make sure that the bow tie is tight and centred against your collar. Keep in mind that you want to keep it as tight as possible. If it’s too loose, it will droop down, making it look as though you’re a waiter who forgot to tighten his tie. This can ruin the entire look of your outfit. To make bow tie look more sophisticated speak to an expert company! If you want to wear a bow tie to an event but don’t know where to start, bow ties with solids or subtle patterns are always a safe bet.

Why You Should Add a Bow Tie to Your Wardrobe

The bow tie is a very versatile garment that can be worn to almost any formal occasion, including weddings, business events, and black-tie galas. It can be worn with almost any shirt and jacket combination. And can also be used to “spice up” any outfit for a night out on the town. There are a number of different fabrics and colours to choose from, so you can find one that matches your style. Bow ties are also generally less expensive than regular ties, making them a more affordable option. They’re also much easier to store, as they can be rolled up in a drawer rather than needing to be hung up.

The Pros of Wearing a Bow Tie

  • Versatility – Bow ties look great with a variety of different outfits. And they can be worn to many different types of events.
  • Affordability – Because bow ties are generally less expensive than other types of ties, they’re more affordable for most people.
  • Ease of storage – Unlike regular ties, bow ties can be rolled up and stored in a drawer. Making them less likely to wrinkle and easier to pack for travel.
  • Practicality – Bow ties are less bulky than regular ties, making them easier to wear with a suit jacket.

The Cons of Wearing a Bow Tie

  • Lack of authenticity – Although bow ties can be worn by anyone. It’s important to note that they won’t be as “authentic” as a regular tie.
  • Difficulty in tying – Some people find it challenging to tie a bow tie, particularly those who are not physically able.
  • Negative association with waiters – Because bow ties are often associated with waiters and bartenders. They can be seen as unauthentic and low-class.
  • Lack of versatility – Because bow ties are more formal than regular ties. They can only be worn to certain events, and in certain settings.

My take

The bow tie is a great choice for anyone looking to add a little extra flair to their wardrobe. With a wide variety of fabrics, colours, and patterns, you can find a tie that matches your personal style. You can wear a bow tie with both casual and formal outfits, making it a truly versatile piece of clothing.

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