Tween Clothing Essentials – What Every Tween Should Have in Their Closet

Tweens Clothing Essentials

In today’s society, tween girls and boys grow up fast. It’s essential to understand what tweens like in their clothes and build a wardrobe that works for them.

Start by asking what styles and colors your tween likes or looking through their social media feeds. You’ll then be able to shop for clothes that make them feel confident and look good.

Basic Tees

A basic white tee is one of the most versatile pieces in your closet. It pairs well with jeans, denim shorts, a party skirt, or leggings. It can be worn casually with boots or heels and a great jacket for an evening out.

Another basic that every tween needs in their closet is a good cardigan. They come in many styles, colors, lengths, and knits to add versatility to your wardrobe.

Similarly, a lovely soft tee is another essential piece that every tween should have. They are comfortable and breathable and can be worn with jeans or shorts all season.

I have a basic cotton tee perfect for workouts and lounging at home. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, and the fit is close fitting. It’s also moisture-wicking, so it keeps you cool and dry when working out.


The softness and warmth of flannel make it the perfect fabric for cold-weather apparel. Flannel is a loosely woven cotton fabric that can have a napped, fuzzy finish on one or both sides.

Flannel is made from various fabrics, including pure cotton, wool, fiber blends, and synthetic fibers like polyester. It can also be brushed to create an even softer texture.

It’s best to buy a high-quality flannel fabric, as it can fray or become unusable if it’s not. To avoid this, pre-wash your flannel before sewing and use a new needle for every seam.

It’s an excellent fabric for shirts, jackets, and pants, but it can also make blankets and sheets. If your tween likes to stay warm and cozy, flannel is a must-have in their closet! It’s a versatile and affordable fabric for tweens that will keep them comfortable all winter.

Hair Clips

Clipping it up is one of the easiest and most fun ways to ensure your tween’s hair is always in place. Whether you choose a set of smaller barrette-style clips to add a little flair to a top knot or several larger ones to keep their long locks straight, there are plenty of options.

This tween hair accessory has the best of both worlds – a sleek metallic design with a pink original Swarovski crystal embellishment. It’s a great hair piece for teenage girls who love to experiment with their hairdos or just like to have a fun hair accessory on hand.

They also come in various colors, making them easily matched with many outfits. The pinwheel bow clip from Hipgirl is a trendy accessory you won’t miss out on.


Scrunchies are a throwback accessory that’s making a big comeback. They’re a hair tie alternative that’s a stylish and easy upgrade from elastic hair ties or barrettes.

They’re also more durable than rubber bands, preventing damage to your hair. A well-made scrunchie uses a more comprehensive natural fiber braided elastic sewn to the perfect diameter for just the right amount of hold without headaches or breakage.

In addition to being a great hair accessory, scrunchies make great wrist candy when worn as bracelets or layered with jewelry. They’re adorable when paired with a bow or luxe finish like satin or patent leather.

The silk scrunchie is one of the best hair accessories for your teen because it prevents frizz and breakage. It’s also soft and won’t absorb the moisture from your hair. It’s a must-have in any girl’s closet! And it’s the perfect accessory for hot summer days.

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