How Lifestyle and Daily Routine Affect Blood Sugar?

Diabetes Blood Sugar

A Guide On Diabetes Management

Diabetes is a disease in which the body must use more insulin than usual to help it break down sugar (glucose) from food. The pancreas makes the hormone insulin, which moves glucose into cells where it can be used for energy or stored as glycogen. People with diabetes may also take insulin injections or take vitamin C infusions to keep their blood sugar levels normal. Diabetes doctors generally see hundreds of cases throughout the years because of how common the issue really is.


What Issues Can Diabetes Cause In The Long Run?


A person with diabetes can develop a condition called hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), which would cause the individual’s blood sugar to become too high and consistently so. This called diabetic ketoacidosis. Assuming this amount of thirst and hunger, with no anti-diabetic medication, could lead a person to drink even more and eat even more than they normally would. This, in turn, could mean little or no insulin is being produced because you are purposely trying to get your body to produce more insulin to balance out your blood sugars. This condition could be fatal and only a diabetes doctor can help you. If this is the case, you would have no chance of balancing your blood sugars without being hospitalized for what’s known as ‘ketoacidosis’. This would cause you to be at higher risk for a heart attack.

Potential Damage To The Kidneys

Another big issue that people with diabetes face is the potential damage to their kidneys and the overall potential kidney failure. With diabetic nephropathy, the diabetic’s kidneys permanently damaged and are never getting better. Even if they do get better, they can easily relapse back into kidney failure or permanent damage to their kidneys. You may receive a vitamin C infusion for help but it won’t do much either.

Heart Attack

With a lack of control over the blood sugar levels in the body, there are many things that can happen to a person. This includes the risk of a failing heart. A heart can sense when something is wrong with your blood sugar levels and if it detects that it is too high, then it will signal your heart to start beating much faster and harder than usual. This will continue and eventually cause the heart to stop beating altogether. This isn’t very common, but could possibly occur if your diabetes has gotten really bad. Seek a diabetes doctor as soon as you sense heart issues.

What Can Cause Diabetes?

Eating Choices

Know this, if you genetically pre-exposed to having diabetes, it’s for the best to stay away from sugar-heavy foods. These foods filled with a lot of simple carbohydrates, which are the catalyst for your blood sugar to start rising. Pillows of carbohydrates like this can also cause you to have low blood sugar, which can lead to dizziness, fatigue, and feeling weak or dizzy. Some people may also end up stumbling and falling over in public because of the sudden drop in blood glucose levels (which is called hypoglycemia). These foods avoided for life by those who are genetically prone to having diabetes.

Lifestyle Choices

If you genetically pre-exposed to having diabetes, then it’s important to know that staying away from alcohol will greatly lower your risk of developing diabetes. Why? Because alcohol is a big catalyst for diabetes to start occurring in the body. Alcohol is basically sugar, so if you have it on a regular basis then your blood sugar levels will start to rise and could eventually lead to you developing Type 2 Diabetes. You may prescribed a vitamin C infusion for help but it won’t do everything alone, it will only act as an antioxidant. Staying away from sugar, in general, will be necessary.

Physical Activity Levels

As we age in this world there are many things that wear our bodies out more than others. One of them is physical activity. If you pre-exposed to having diabetes and still try to stay active at a high level, then you could eventually burn out your heart, pancreas, and liver. These are two of the three main organs in the body that help regulate blood sugar levels of your body. Without them functioning properly, you will be less likely to control those blood sugar levels, which can lead you to develop diabetes.


These are some reasons and causes of diabetes. Make sure you keep up with your regular medication if you have diabetes as the consequences of not doing so can be severe. Diabetes is a serious condition, seek help from Yarra valley medical doctors today to find a solution for your issues as soon as possible.

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