MEDHOST EMR Vs. Intergy EMR: Which EMR is Suitable for Your Practice?

Medhost EMR Vs Intergy EMR

MEDHOST EMR is a resilient cloud-based medical practice management software. It offers enterprise software solutions to clinics and hospitals. Medhost Hospital Information System (HIS), a comprehensive EMR system, is its flagship product. MEDHOST EMR system, also called Medhost Intergy, is a web-based application. It assists practitioners in managing billing, scheduling, and patient records.

It generates operational improvements and meetsyour day-to-day regulatory requirements. MEDHOST helps practitioners and clinicians to streamline their workflows. Overall, Intergy EMR is an excellent choice for any medical practice looking for a complete and user-friendly EMR system.

MEDHOST EMR-Key Features

Health Analytics

MEDHOST EMR’s health analytics feature provides a single platform for different data sources. The sources include: e-prescriptions, invoicing statements, treatment notes, and improvement charts. Admin team, Staff members, physicians, and lab technicians can document and chart patient health reports. It allows access to comprehensive data tables in a unified space. Which helps in providing valuable insights and data-driven decision-making.

Revenue Cycle Management

You can improve the financial performance of your practice by streamlining administrative workflows,

  • contract management,
  • account receivables,
  • cash posting,
  • denial tracking,
  • insurance billing & payment payroll statement processing.
  • It can simplify your credit balancing, request submissions, outstanding claim statuses, and more.


MEDHOST EMR’s reporting feature provides practitioners and staff members with a granular view of financial and clinical metrics. Its reporting dashboard can be easily customized. To help streamline chart & graph viewing for in-depth patient health and business insights.

Claim Management

  • With individual patient appointments, it can auto-generate claim statements and customize claim rules.
  • It also assists in streamlining claim submissions,
  • track reimbursements,
  • follow-up on rejected claims, and
  • improves the response time.

Patient Portal

Patients can view their personal and family medical information using its patient portal. It allows access to real-time lab reports, test results, and e-prescriptions.

  • It enables information charting,
  • Questionnaire completion,
  • Physician-patient communication, and
  • Appointment calendar management,
  • Including self-scheduling,
  • Rescheduling, and cancellation.


MEDHOST EMR pricing plans are not disclosed on the vendor website. MEDHOST offers quote-based pricing plans for its users. Contact the vendor for a MEDHOST EMR pricing quote suitable for your business needs.

You can simply request its free demo by filling in a form on the vendor’s website. It can help you get insights into the features and benefits of the software before the purchase.


MEDHOST has a 3.2/5-star rating with four reviews on Capterra. MEDHOST EMR reviews are mostly positive, with some negative ones. Some of the pros of MEDHOST, according to its users, are:

It is easy to use and easy to learn. With just a few clicks the orders can be completed by this software. The information is easy to locate, and patient management is pretty straightforward.

Some of the Negative features, according to its reviewers, are:

The support is lacking, the integrations are messy, and the user interface is a bit clunky.

Intergy EMR

Intergy EMR is software designed specifically for ambulatory health practices of every size. Its electronic clinical option can help store, create, and retrieve patient data. It can handle a variety of daily organizational tasks. Besides electronic documentation of patient information and medical records. It offers more than 15 dashboards, 500 reports, and 5,000 reportable clinical fields. It allows automating of discharge summaries, prescription refills, appointment scheduling, and more.

Intergy EMR Features

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

It allows YOU to spend less time dealing with documentation & charting and to focusing on patients. Health organizations can earn more revenue by automating time-consuming and tedious tasks. Also, they can increase their daily traffic. The traffic can be increased without sacrificing any individual’s healthcare quality.

Information Security

Medical documents storage in the system can eliminate the risk of sensitive information being tampered with, misplaced, or destroyed. It allows for varying levels of security for control of information access.


It permits cloud-deployment as well as an on-premise server. Users can access the EHR without an internet connection with its on-premise deployment.

Minimize Errors

You can reduce mistakes in manual documentation due to human error. You can use its electronic medical information documentation to reduce errors. Manual double-entry of data, legibility issues, and handwriting mistakes can all be eliminated.

Intergy EMR Pricing

Intergy EMR Pricingprovides a subscription-based model. The subscription cost depends upon the level of support required and the number of users. Intergy EMR offers a free trial for its potential new users. The free trial permits them to try out the software in real-time before makingthe purchase.

You can request a live Intergy EMR demoby filling out a short form and scheduling a free consultation with their solution experts.

Intergy EMR Reviews

Intergy EMR has a 4.2/ 5-star rating with 96 reviews on Capterra. Intergy EMR reviews are majorly positive. Its best features according to its reviewers are:

It is comprehensive and flexible software, for multi-specialty facilities. It provides the greatestreporting capabilities.

Its least-liked features according to its reviewers are:

Some of the enterprise functions are designed for large businesses, not for small practices. It lacks support, it also lacks training before ‘GO-Live’.

MEDHOST EMR vs. Intergy EMR-Final Thoughts

Both MEDHOST EMR and Intergy software have their own unique features. MEDHOST is considered expensive while Intergy is said to be more affordable. But, Medhost EMR offers more features.

With regards to patient scheduling, both software allows you to create and manage your patient appointments. You can also track patients’ medical histories and medications in both EMR solutions. Yet, only Medhost allows you to send automatic appointment reminders to patients.

So, which EMR system is the better one? MEDHOST EMR or Intergy EMR? The answer to this question depends on your particular preferences and requirements. Besides, both EMR systems provide many features. These features make them worth considering for your medical practice. You need to make sure to do proper research to find the perfect EMR software suited to your organizational needs.

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