What is a High Stim Pre Workout?

High Stim Pre Workout

As a workout enthusiast, you need several utilities for a worthwhile session in the gym. Pre workout is among the must-have essentials, which gives you the energy and mood to exercise. There are different kinds of pre workout, such as high stim pre workout.

Many people are going for this pre workout due to its energy production threshold, aiding them to achieve the desired results. An in-depth look at this product will help you understand it better and determine if you need it before hitting the gym.

What Makes High Stim Pre Workout Different?

This workout supplement is different from others in that it contains stimulants, mostly caffeine. Others may contain additional ingredients like creatine and beta-alanine, which also give you an energy boost, allowing you to have the perfect power boost when training.

There are non-stim variants that also give you an energy surge, but many workout enthusiasts feel that the threshold is lower than that of high stim pre workouts.

How High Stim Pre Workout Works?

This pre workout is a stimulant, meaning it targets the central nervous system. Caffeine, the primary stimulant in these supplements block adenosine receptors in the brain. With low levels of adenosine circulating, your body is alert. The caffeine also increases the levels of cortisol ad adrenaline, which are responsible for the urge to exercise, which is what many stim heads desire.

Benefits of a High Stim Pre Workout

The following are some of the benefits of high stim supplements.

The Energy Boost

The number one reason why many people take pre workout is the energy they get from it. Working out is tedious and needs your strength to pull it off successfully. The problem is that at times, you may feel weak, especially if you have been training regularly. The high stim workout does a better job of making you active to train.

A Mood Enhancer

The stimulant in the workout can also enhance your mood, making it easy to start exercising. Sometimes you may not be in the mood to train, understandably so, considering the dedication involved. You do not want to miss an exercising day, as you may come up short of your targets. With a high stim pre workout shake, you get the right energy to train, even if you feel a little bit lazy.

Enhanced Nutrient Transportation

The alertness created by the stimulants in this supplement dilates your blood vessels, to increase blood circulation. The hiked blood circulation enhances the transportation of nutrients all over the body, especially to the muscles, where they are needed most.

Training Resilience

Most of us come short of our exercising goals due to lack of resilience. You might train for a few minutes then feel you cannot handle it any more. Resiliency is crucial, as it allows you to train for long durations without getting beat up.

High stim supplements will help in this case. The stimulants give you the energy surge you need, while beta-alanine regulates the acidity levels in the muscles. You can lift weights for extended periods without feeling soreness or cramps.

Quick Recovery

Your muscles get sore after working out, and may take some time to recover. Here is where pre workout steps in, by helping your muscles to recover fast. The recovery time allows you to keep up with your workout regimen, without interferences.

Weight Loss

These supplements are also handy for weight loss goals. You should go for pre workout with stimulants if you want to shed body weight, as caffeine can boost your metabolism. Accompanied by the resilience, you will lose body fat faster.

How To Use High Stim Pre Workout?

You take pre workout before you start exercising, like 30 to 60 minutes prior. You will feel the effects for up to 6 hours, depending on the supplements content. You can take it in many ways, the most common way being mixing it with water or other drinks to make a pre workout shake. You may also take it in pill form or dry.

How Much High Stim Pre Workout Should I Take?

Seeing the advantages that high stim pre workout has, you may want to go for it to boost your experience in the gym. You should take the right amount to get the best out of it.

As a first-time user, you should keep the levels manageable to avoid some side effects, which can take a toll on you. One scoop is fines per workout session. Experts advise against going overboard with high stim supplements, as it can work against you. Your daily consumption should not exceed 400mg, as you will be taking caffeine in alarming levels.

Side Effects of High Stim Pre Workout

You should know the side effects of high stim pre workout to know how to control them. Common side effects include diarrhea, an increased heart rate, headaches, jitteriness, and anxiety. They are more pronounced when you take the supplements for the first time, as your body is trying to get used to it.

You should avoid high stim pre workout if you have heart issues, such as a high blood pressure as the stimulant can spike it. Keep off the supplements if the side effects persist or try and reduce the amount you consume.

High Stim Vs. Non-Stim Pre Workout

High stim pre workout has several benefits, such as a high energy threshold, plus it is ideal if you want to lose weight, have a decent caffeine tolerance or prefer working out in the morning. Non-stim pre workout is an excellent choice if you are intolerant to caffeine or love working out in the afternoons. You should pick a variety that you can handle well for the best outcome in the gym.

Final Thought

High stim pre workout is an ideal supplement for stim heads, who want intensity when lifting weights, jogging or taking part in other exercises. This article gives you the info you need about this product to help you know if you should go for it or not.

Keep tabs of high stim pre workout consumption to prevent severe side effects.

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