Crafting an Irresistible Hair Salon Website: Templates and Tips

Hair Salon Business

Are you thinking of starting your own hair salon business? If so, there could not be a better time. According to Fortune Business Insights, the global hair salon industry is expected to hit 383.88 billion by 2030. There’s no denying the fact that wise entrepreneurs are set to make it big in this industry.

However, as it is likely to take years before you establish yourself, it is a good idea to prepare early. Of course, this will require making investments from your side. While entrepreneurs often pay attention to details like location and logistics, something to not overlook is a well-designed website.

Some believe that a stunning website is a great marketing tool in itself. Thus, let us seek to understand how to craft an irresistible website for your new hair salon.

Choosing Your Aesthetic

Do you have a clear picture in your mind about how you want your website to look? Most people have a vague idea, but when it comes to actual website design, they draw a blank. Aesthetics aren’t just for good looks. According to Adobe, 38% of visitors are likely to back out if your website layout is ugly.

To remedy this, you need to research and plan your website’s design and aesthetics properly. There is nothing wrong with visiting some of the websites of established hair salons in your area. Observe them and take notes on what struck you about them. Your website’s aesthetics should match your brand identity, so ensure it syncs up well.

For instance, if you specialize in natural treatments, a green color palette, would trump something dark and mysterious.

Similarly, fonts play a bigger role in setting a vibe than you think. For example, people tend to instantly associate yellow subtitles with hipster, indie music videos. In the same way, try to find out what people are likely to associate your typography with.

You will need to do a bit of research and experiment with fonts. They can be as important as your color palette in setting the mood and vibe of your website.

Website Templates May Be a Better Option Than Building From Scratch

When it comes to the actual website construction, you can build it either with templates or from the ground up. Both options have their own benefits that you should be aware of. However, templates are often simpler and more efficient.

With a hair salon website template, you simplify the website-building process greatly. Let’s be honest, finding someone good enough to build a website for your specific aesthetic need will be expensive. On the other hand, you are very likely to find a template that perfectly matches what you have in mind. After all, this isn’t 2007. Today, digital artists and designers with the help of modern tech are shockingly good at what they do.

Thus, you really don’t need to spend money hiring a custom web designer. After all, a hair salon business website doesn’t need extensive customization or constant updating.

According to GLASS™, templates are perfect for entrepreneurs who want an impactful online presence without micromanaging the website.

For the most part, you will only need to update aspects like prices, promotional offers, and important announcements. These requirements do not warrant the type of complexity needed by e-commerce stores or educational institutions that provide online courses.

Three Key Tips You Should Keep In Mind

Having covered aesthetic planning, and the usefulness of templates, let’s look at some useful tips for an effective website.

1. Keep Things Simple!

People aren’t getting on your website just for the sake of it. They are there to learn about the services you offer and find other relevant information. You don’t want to waste time by stuffing your home page with irrelevant content. Instead, let the most important information be accessible within a one-click buffer.

2. Showcase Verifiable Testimonials

Many websites tend to feature testimonials with a blurb of text praising the business and a random name under it. Honestly, this is so easy to fake that hardly anyone trusts them. Instead, you can embed a link to reviews you have received on your business’s public profile. The best way to do this is with Google reviews.

3. Incorporate Online Booking

This is one of the main reasons that people might visit your website. It would be a shame if you fail to incorporate booking and scheduling options. It seems like something obvious, but many salons focus on showcasing reviews, stylist qualifications, and other secondary information.


Starting your hair salon business can be an extremely exciting adventure. The process of designing a good website, marketing your brand, and seeing growth compound, month after month, can be exhilarating.

Remember, first impressions are important, so give your website the care and attention it needs. It is going to be the digital face of your brand after all. Typography, color palettes, and design choices are all going to be critical. Thankfully, there are numerous services that can help you through the entire process.

Sure, not all of them will be free, but the return on investment makes it worth the expense.

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