Being a State Employee Can Be Tough


Government jobs have their advantages and a state gig can be a great source of employment. These positions generally pay well, have excellent job security, and provide top-notch healthcare, retirement, and other benefits. Of course, you don’t get something for nothing and many state positions can be tough on the body and mind. The more physical jobs such as construction work, plowing roads, and maintaining buildings and property come to mind but sitting at a desk all day can take a toll on you as well. Proper medical care and treatment are essential and a chiropractor can be a big part of that.

Physical Labor Jobs

Many of the most important state jobs involve physical labor. Building and maintaining roads and state highway systems involve long hours using heavy equipment, tools, and muscle power. This can cause harm to the vertebrae as well as any of the joints. The pain from these injuries can cause you to lose time off work along with the suffering you experience. Left untreated, these can develop into permanent problems.

Chiropractic services for state workers are a great idea. A chiropractor is a state-licensed medical professional who is trained to perform examinations that will find the source of the pain. These may be compressed vertebrae or subluxations in the back or joints. A chiropractor will fix these with adjustments that can relieve the pain and keep it from coming back. No drugs, no side effects, no addictions, just a holistic treatment that gets to the source.

Office Jobs

Not every state employee has a physical job. There are thousands who work in offices doing all kinds of things that are vital to running the state and all its departments. Though they generally don’t involve heavy lifting, these jobs can also impact the body. Sitting at a desk all day, looking at a computer screen keeps the spine and neck locked into one position for hours. This can cause problems with vertebrae just like heavy labor.

A chiropractor can be just as beneficial to desk jockeys as to laborers. In addition to fixing the subluxations and other problems that can be caused by sitting all day, a chiropractor can make recommendations for exercises, office chairs, and desk setups that can prevent future problems.


State universities offer a good education to residents and have lower tuition rates than private schools. The key to this are the dedicated teachers who stand in front of their classes for long periods. Standing can be brutal on the back as well as the legs and feet. Many spine and joint problems occur as a result of these kinds of jobs. Once again, the chiropractor to the rescue. The same adjustments that help the laborer and the office employee can relieve the pain of the teacher.

Working for your state in any capacity can be a job that you are proud of and can make a good living at. No matter what you do, your body is working hard. Consider trying chiropractic care. Regular visits can relieve your pain and help you do your job day after day.

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