Top 10 Red Underlayer Hair Dye Ideas

Top 10 Red Underlayer Hair Dye Ideas


If you want to add some color to your life, then introducing red dye into your hair may be the way to go. Red is not just a beautiful color, but it is also a very lively one. It represents vibrancy, creativity, and passion. There are many different ways of styling red hair but if you are someone who likes trying new things, then it would be great for you to try experimenting with different hues of red. Unlike other colors, red looks good in pretty much any combination, and hence it might be hard for you to decide on where exactly should you start. So if this is what’s bothering you, then here’s some basic help about choosing different shades of red:

If this is what inspires your next look then check out our guide below where we’ve broken down each of these options so that no matter what kind of style preference there might be. Whether it’s something bold like pink streaks through dark roots or maybe something more subtle like light blonde highlights throughout dark strands; whatever type of look suits best!

Red and Black

Red and Blue Underneath

If you’re looking to create a bold red and black look, this is the color combination to choose. Red and black are complementary colors on the color wheel, which means they make beautiful contrasts. They both fall within the warm range of colors. Meaning that they’ll be complementary in terms of warmth as well as color.

Red hair dye and black hair dye have very different effects on your hair. When you put them together you get an edgy look with an almost gothic feel that’s anything but boring! These are the bold colors that work well together. Because they both bring drama to your style without being too bright or neon-like (which can look cheap).

Red and Blue

Red and Blue Underneath Hair Color

Blue is a great compliment to red, as it is a cool color while red is warm. It can be used as a base layer to help your hair take on the color more easily and evenly.

Red and Brown

Red and Brown Underneath Hair Color

If you’re looking for a red underlayer in your hair, consider using a red toner. This will give your hair an even tone of red throughout and create the appearance of all-over red color. You could also opt for using a brown toner instead if you want more depth in your hair. However, be aware that this can result in some inconsistent tones as well as some patches that are darker than others—which may not look natural at first glance!

You can also experiment with mixing the two by applying a red toner to one side of your head and then applying the brown on top (or vice versa). This will help achieve an overall color change without having any noticeable lines or streaks running through them.

Red and Purple

Red and Purple Underneath Hair Color

Red and purple are complementary colors, meaning they are opposite of each other on the color wheel. This means that when put together, they create a beautiful contrast and harmony between them. Red is a warm color while purple is more cool-toned. However, both colors can be used in the same outfit or ensemble to create an eye-catching look that will make you stand out from the crowd.

What does it mean? Well, if you want to wear red but don’t want it to get lost in your outfit, then pair it with something cooler (like gray or navy). If you’re feeling daring and want a pop of color without going overboard then try pairing your favorite shade with something like black or white instead! Either way works – just make sure not too many colors clash together before making any decisions about what goes where!”

Red and Green

Red and Green Underneath Hair Color
Red and green are great ways to add some color to your hair. It’s also a great way to get a pop of color. Red and green are a great way for you to add some fun to your life, as well.

Red and Yellow

Red and Yellow Underneath Hair Color

Yellow is a great choice for underlayer hair dye, as it can make the red more vibrant. You can use this color combination to add a hint of gold or platinum tones to your hair. If you want to go for the look of sun-kissed strands, then you can use this combination on blonde hair too.

Red and Orange

Red and Orange Underneath Hair Color

The red and orange underlayer hair dye will give you a beautiful red tone with a hint of warmth. This is perfect for someone who wants to add subtle tones to their hair without making it too dark or noticeable.

Red and Pink

Red and Pink Underneath Hair Color
One of the best ways to combine your natural hair color with a bold color is by applying it as an underlayer. Underlays are great for those who want to dye their hair red but don’t want it to be too bright. This can be especially useful if you have ever dyed your hair before and found that it turned out too bright!

What’s more, underlays are also perfect for people with naturally red hair. As they will help make sure that the red looks just right on top.

In addition, underlays give off a hint of warmth when applied correctly. That means that brunettes may find them particularly useful when trying to achieve this effect. Especially if they’re looking for something other than just a regular brown shade from their chosen brand!

Blonde on Top and Red Underneath

Blonde on Top and Red Underneath Hair Color

If you’re looking for a change and want to switch up your hair color, consider going blonde on top and red underneath. This coloring combination is unique and eye-catching, and it will help you stand out from the crowd. For example, if you want blue-red hair, then you’ll need a blue-red dye for your top layer. And either a blue or purple shade underneath it. You may also be able to use henna (natural plant extracts) or semi-permanent dyes. It is an alternative option that offers less damage than permanent dyes. But still provides vibrant tones to create fun looks like ombré hairstyles.

A variety of combinations of red, the primary color

When you’re looking for a color combination that will show through your hair and make it look extra vibrant, red is one of the best choices. Red is a primary color and can be combined with other shades to create different tones. For example, if you add black to red, you’ll get an even deeper shade of red than just using red alone.

If you want a bold look but don’t want your entire head covered in only one shade of color (or if your natural hair color is too light), try adding a few streaks or chunks of red-toned dye instead! It’s much easier than trying to do all over-dyeing since. There’s less chance of messing up if any piece gets missed during application by accident. Plus there’ll still be some variation between what stays dark versus what turns bright enough for people who look closely enough at it.


Some people want to add a bit of color to their lives but are not quite ready to go. All the way and dye their hair one solid color. The good news is that there are many options when it comes to red underlayer hair dye ideas. Whether you’re looking for something more traditional or unique, we’ve got you covered!

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