Tips on Making Your Hair Color Last Longer

Hair Colour Tips

You finally got the hair colour you’d had stored in your Pinterest board or in the back of your mind for weeks, and you look like a compete DIVA!! You can’t keep your eyes away from a mirror, can you? Of course, there’s the hair flip!!

But wait, what’s that? Those light edges making your hair colour look dull. Your dream hair colour is starting to fade and slowly vanishing. You will eventually have to go through that entire cycle all over again. BUT YOU JUST GOT IT DONE A FEW WEEKS AGO!!

Well, that’s the issue about getting your hair coloured; they ultimately fade, requiring you to pay additional money to have another set of highlights, redo, or touch-ups. But let’s be clear: it’s not small money you’ll have to spend fixing your hair; it may be a lot, and spending it repeatedly can be frustrating. You may decide not to get your hair coloured again, but this will ultimately cause major hair issues and destroy your hair texture. So, how can you make your hair colour last longer?

If you’ve arrived to this page, you’re precisely where you need to be. In this post, we will show you a few wonderful methods that will allow you to preserve your hair colour for longer than normal.

Smarter Swimming

Do you know that sun and chlorine can damage your hair?. Of course, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to plunge into the ocean and have the time of your life. To preserve your colour from fading in the sun, pool, and ocean, use a hair protector with SPF. A product containing sunflower oil is ideal since it contains antioxidants that preserve the hair.

Hot Showers Should Be Avoided

Hot water not only dries out your skin but can also shorten the life of your hair colour. The heat softens your cuticle, allowing your valuable colour — and moisture — to escape. To seal that cuticle tight, shampoo and rinse with room temperature water, towel dry, condition, and then rinse with the coldest water you can bear. This will offer longer-lasting colour, keep your locks moisturised, and eliminate split ends.

Avoid Excessive Use of Hot Tools

Staying away from hot equipment for the first week after dyeing your hair can also prevent colour fading. Colour fading is accelerated by the use of hot appliances, such as blow dryers and straighteners. While these tools are occasionally essential, it is recommended to avoid them for the first week or two after colouring your hair with Matrix hair colour or any other.

Wait As Long As Possible Before Washing Your Hair

The new dry shampoo options on the market can be beneficial to newly coloured hair since colour lasts longer when washed less often. It is advisable not to wash your hair after colouring it for as long as possible — at least 24 to 48 hours. When you must wash, use a light sulphate-free shampoo.

Consider Using A Shower Filter

This will eliminate pollutants, chlorine, and minerals from the water in your shower. Hard water removes the colour and natural oils from your hair; these filters reduce colour draining down the drain.

Preparing Your Hair For Colouring

Use a chelating shampoo to eliminate styling product build-up one to two days before a colour session. You should also apply a deep-conditioning mask once a week to rehydrate your hair and prevent the shade from fading after you change your colour.

Make use of a Thermal Protectant

This hair supply guards against heat damage caused by styling equipment. Thermal protectants assist to decrease colour fading by maintaining the integrity of the hair.

Less Deep Condition

While thorough conditioning or at-home masks are recommended before colouring, they can cause a rich brunette or brilliant red to fade. The conditioner or mask is intended to hydrate the hair follicles deeply. However, when washed away, it takes the colour molecule with it, causing the colour to fade. To avoid this, a decent daily conditioner will suffice (just don’t keep it on for too long).

Consume A Well-Balanced Diet

A healthy food plan promotes hair development and also shine. Consume a well-balanced food plan to keep your colour appearing fresh for a longer period of time. Iron-rich diet plans help to build healthy and balanced keratin. Healthy proteins improve look, encourage growth, and strengthen hair. Vitamins also assist in keeping colour-treated hair healthy and lustrous.

Using Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil appears to be an all-natural oil produced by the hair. Add jojoba oil to your shampoo or use it on dry hair. The oil moisturises thoroughly dry as well as damp hair, protecting it from the sun.

We hope that these few recommendations will assist you in keeping your hair colour for a longer period of time. When getting your hair coloured, remember to utilise reputable hair and beauty supplies such as Matrix hair colour. They will protect your hair from harm!!

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