How to Take Care of Lips in Summer?

How to Take Care of Lips in Summer

Every woman desires pink lips, but it is the most overlooked part of your face and does not get the deserved attention. Your lips are much more sensitive than your face or the rest of your body. Know the care needs of your lip and maintain its health by following a lip care regime.

Most women skip exfoliating their lips. This is an essential step to get the naturally pink lips that you have always wanted. Exfoliating your lips removes the dead skin cells which can be the cause behind your pigmented lips. exfoliating exposes the skin of your lips and makes them ready for further treatment.

After this you can apply various products like a tinted lip balm with SPF, an overnight Lip mask or even lip butter for extra nourishment. Following this routine will immensely help you to lighten your lip.

Protect Your Lips in Summer

Summer Lip Care

You can follow various care tips to get those pink lips in summer.

  • Follow a lip care routine regularly to maintain the hydration of your lips in the summer. Start your routine with proper cleansing and exfoliation of your lips.
  • Most people do not separately cleanse their lips. This is an essential step that should not be skipped. Cleansing gently, followed by exfoliation of lips, helps remove dead cells from its surface and exposes the skin to the next treatments.
  • You can use various products to smoothen and lighten your lips. Nowadays, lip products also come with SPF to protect your lip from sun exposure. Added hydration is another benefit you can look for while choosing lip products.
  • Choose products that provide all-day hydration to your lips, along with SPF, to protect your lips from sun exposure. Exfoliation of your lips followed by applying your preferred product daily can help you lighten your lips, even in summer.

Lip Care Routine for Getting Pink Lips

Step 1: Cleanse your lips, you can take a small brush with soft bristles to gently exfoliate while cleansing.

Step 2: Exfoliate your lips with a mild exfoliator that will not bruise your lips.

Step 3: Moisturise your lip with a lip balm with SPF or a lip butter.

Step 4: You can reapply the lip balm throughout the day or apply lip butter once or twice a day.

Step 5: After cleansing your lips, you can apply an overnight lip mask before going to bed.

Repeat these lips care routines daily for visible results.

How can I protect my lips from the sun?

How To Take Care Your Lips in Summer

The major cause behind lip pigmentation is exposure to the sun. While you protect your face from sun rays with sunscreen, your lips still stay unprotected from the harsh rays of the sun. Hence, if your concern is dark lips, consider sun protection.

  • Tinted Lip Balm with SPF30: Women in India are prone to lip pigmentation due to maximum sun exposure. While dark lips can be as natural as pink lips according to the skin tone of a person, women still long for that natural pink colour.
  • Apart from the natural dark colour of your lips, the darkness might also be a result of not following a care regime or not protecting it from harmful sun rays. Since the skin of your lips is much thinner than your face, it gets dark and pigmented easily.

Peptide Lip Mask For Dry Chapped Lips: In summer, dry or chapped lips are common concerns as your skin tends to get dehydrated. You need to keep your lips hydrated and protected from the sun to maintain their health in summer.

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