How to Choose Your Own Engagement Ring?

Engagement Ring

There’s no strict blueprint for the process of engagement and marriage nowadays. What used to be a very rigid set of rules is now wide open for interpretation, including choosing engagement rings to signify the promise of marriage.

Maybe you want to select the ring based on family tradition or a unique vision. We’re here to set you on the right track and avoid common mistakes, ensuring you pick the best ring at the right price. Let’s jump in!

Learn the Basics

There is much more to the art and science of engagement rings than meets the eye. Jewelers and experts dedicate their whole lives to studying diamonds and designs and still encounter new variations daily.

However, the basics are fairly simple, starting with the 4 Cs of diamonds and some of the classic shapes you’ve seen. Learn about carats, clarity, color, and cut, then check out designs ranging from old-school classics to innovative new looks.

With the basics well understood, you have criteria to work with when exploring options, and you’ll avoid beginner mistakes from the start.

Get Inspired

Focusing strictly on the dimensions and specifications of a diamond ring will get boring and goes against the premise of marriage in the first place.

Your relationship is about passion, originality, and doing things your own way, and your ring should reflect those principles! Therefore, make inspiration your main focus when browsing rings and designs that may be out of the ordinary for your family and tradition.

You never know when inspiration may strike when shopping online, in stores, browsing social media, or spending time with friends.

Agree on a Budget

Budgeting is admittedly not the most romantic thing, but it’s necessary when navigating the engagement ring market and coming to a sensible conclusion. The good news is that your money goes a long way with today’s jewelry market, and there are many ways to alleviate the costs now and in the future.

Look into credit and loyalty programs from your favorite vendors, and run the numbers on how much a ring will cost for the months and years to come.

When you spread costs out over time and everything is above board, you won’t need to worry about prohibitive price tags and the financial strain on the relationship.

Make It a Team Effort

Two minds are better than one when exploring engagement ring ideas and handling the logistics. Perhaps you want your partner to do the heavy lifting while you sit back and offer suggestions here and there. It’s all about the relationship dynamic you prefer.

If you want to maintain some mystery to the experience of getting engaged, you can point to a few of your favorite brands and designs, then let your partner do the rest. If you need hints, observe your partner’s collection and ask (subtle) questions about the jewelry they like.

This ensures you get the ring you want while keeping the element of surprise and romance.

Shop Around

When your sights are set on a particular type of ring, it’s hard to take any other options into consideration. However, we urge you to look beyond price tags and brand names to see what other choices are available, especially in the age of the internet.

You can save a lot of cash by simply shopping with direct-to-consumer brands and skipping the showroom markups. You’ll also notice that brands go head-to-head with prices and designs in certain seasons, competing for your attention and dollars. Use this dynamic to your advantage, and don’t hesitate to bargain if you meet retailers face to face.

The wider the net you cast when browsing engagement rings, the more likely you will discover winning deals or at least avoid overpaying for products that aren’t worth the cost.

Time Your Purchase

Once you’ve narrowed down your top choices from a few different vendors, you’ll want to postpone finalizing the purchase. Instead, bookmark the pages in your browser and continue your search for a least a couple of weeks since the landscape can change quickly.

Remember that March and April are the best times to buy fine jewelry, so it might be worth waiting until these spring sales events begin. Early fall (September and October) is also a wise time to buy, right before brands ramp up prices for the holidays.

The difference in price can be thousands of dollars, so timing your purchase is a key tactic. Add in loyalty points, credit, and other discounts, and you can save nearly 50% on one of these major buys.

Agree on the Perfect Ring

The ideal engagement ring looks different to every couple, so explore all sources of inspiration online and off. However, when navigating the marketplace and maximizing savings for you and your partner, these tips will help you out greatly.

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