Everything You Need To Know About Skin Elasticity

Skin Elasticity

Skin Elasticity: Why Do You Have This Or How Do You Improve This?

Elasticity of your skin is nothing but its ability to stretch and bounce whenever muscles are in relaxed state. At a younger age, elasticity of the skin is on the higher side. The good news is, that there are different ways through which you can get back this elasticity.

Understanding What is Skin Elasticity

You can say that it is its ability to stretch smoothly and snap back. Your skin will start losing its tenacity and becomes wrinkled, as you age. Besides, your skin on your face starts thinner and there is some sagging. Yet, it is possible to improve the skin’s texture, which will make the skin look tighter and smoother, irrespective of your age.

Let’s understand a little more with respect to health of your skin.

What contributes to Elasticity of the Skin?

Collagen helps in making your skin look elastic. As these levels of protein decline with age, lines start forming on your face, which starts becoming permanent as the skin beneath it starts relaxing. Also, not following healthy skin care habits may contribute to faster aging of the skin.

How To Improve Skin Elasticity?

Start with a Skincare Routine

Healthy skincare habits contribute largely in enhancing the quality of your skin. In case, you currently don’t have one, it is high time you should start having one. Start by washing your face twice a day, using a moisturizer. Check for products that contain hyaluronic acid for making your face appear fuller and radiant. Anti-wrinkling creams such as Dime Beauty will help you combat aging signs.

Check What You Eat

What you put into your body is just as important as what you put into it. To look healthier, adopt a nutritious and wholesome diet, which is full of proteins such as fish, eggs, and beans.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise can be extremely helpful in case you wish to improve the skin’s texture. Fitness is good for overall health as well as your skin. It boosts your self-confidence and aids in getting that glow on your face. Certain facial exercises help in tightening the skin around your face, reducing sagginess.

Get that Beauty Sleep

Modern lifestyle leaves little room to get enough rest. Your body needs at-least 6 to 8 hours of quality sleep to function properly. Yet, if you need to get enough sleep and look healthy, getting enough quality sleep is crucial. Your body produces the cortisol hormone, due to lack of sleep, which makes your skin look tired, dull, inflamed, and stressed. This may result in the skin aging prematurely.

Drink Enough Water

Water is a secret ingredient for a glowing, radiant skin, yet many of us ignore this advice and don’t drink as much as required. Avoid drinking sugary beverages when you feel thirsty, it not only adds to weight but also helps you avoid dehydrating.

Protect Yourself From The Sun

UV rays and harmful irritants often cause damage to the skin, causing it to stress out and look wrinkly earlier. While stepping out in the sun, be mindful and apply a sunscreen of at least SPF 30. Limit stepping out during a time when the UV rays are the highest Sin the area where you live.


With age, your skin may experience sagginess and dullness. However, it is possible to combat it successfully by taking efforts to retain the elasticity of your skin. Antiaging treatment products are also helpful; however, we recommend consulting a dermatologist before using any skincare product.

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