How Do I Choose A Birthday Gift Basket?

Birthday Gift Basket

When making a birthday memorable for a special person in your life, a birthday gift basket is the best option. The major challenge faces by many is how to choose the best one. the following article will give you a clear outline to help you choose a suitable birthday gift basket.

Fruits & Cold Drink Basket

Know The Recipient

The very first step in choosing a birthday gift basket is to know the recipient. Before going out on the hunt for a perfect gift, know the recipient’s likes and dislikes. Many concentrate on the likes and disregard the dislikes which are equally important. Understanding dislikes will play a crucial role in keeping you on safe ground.

The best way to achieve it is by observing the recipient’s daily life- To know what they do and use on daily basis. Look out for their, favourite colours and prints, and things that make them happy like are they cuddling people or enjoy reading a book. Pay attention to their hobbies and interest and align the gift according to them. Prioritizing these small details helps you in choosing the right birthday gift basket for a loved one.

Fruits & Cold Drink Gift Basket

Set a Budget

Setting a budget for the birthday gift basket is an essential step to ease the gift-hunting process. When doing gift hunting without a set budget makes the process overwhelming due to the millions of options present to choose from. With a set budget, one is able to work with the attendant and narrow down the options available and finally settle for an appropriate and budget-friendly gift basket for the special one’s birthday. It becomes easy since, from the budget range, one is able to suggest the items needed and align them with your budget. It also makes it easy to custom-pick the items to be in the gift basket without going overboard with the set budget.

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Consider The Packaging

A well-packed gift basket illustrated the gifter’s intentions. It is also a sign of effort put in by the gifter and enhances the unwrapping experience. It is very much advisable to use some quality wrapping material such as quality wrap paper, a gift tag, a ribbon, a tape e.t.c. You can do the wrapping by yourself. One can do some in-depth research on wrapping including getting some wrapping ideas from Pinterest. Alternatively, it is advisable to ask about the packaging services provided by the company you are getting the gift basket from. It helps you be on the safe side and enable you to align the packaging requirements and preference. It is not only about giving the gift; it should an illustration of care and thoughtfulness to the recipient.

Birthday Chocolate Gift Basket

Purchase From A Trusted Gift Company

Choosing the right gift company is as crucial as the gift itself. Getting a good and trustable gift company guarantees a quality gift and reputable services. getting a trustable company makes it easy to create a long-term relationship and can be the source of future giftings.

When choosing a reliable and trustable gift company, look for the following features;

  • Ensure the company provides quality products
  • Ensure they provide customized packaging
  • Ensure they are able to process and deliver on time
  • Ensure they have responsive customer assistance and customer service

Personalise Gift Box

Personalise the Gift Box

A personalized gift takes the gifting process to the next level. It leaves your mark and lets the receiver feel your presence in the present. If you feel creative, then you can make the gift basket by yourself or purchase one done by professionals. In the gift basket include the recipient’s favourite snacks/candies, sink care, gift cards, stationery, etc.

The best way to customize a gift basket is to avoid going overboard with customisation. Don’t have to paste your or the receiver’s face all over the wrapping paper instead, use initials or dates instead. Make a handmade card and polaroid photos if you can. Alternatively, you can as well go and buy a custom gift basket and hand-pick the items in the birthday gift basket prioritizing the preference and likes of the gift recipients.

In Summary

It’s important to confirm if the company ships the gifts or not. If they facilitate shipping, get to understand the shipping channels they use e.g. mailing or courier services. Weigh to ensure the method of shipping facilitates the package to reach the receiver on time or not. In the event that you will be shipping it by yourself, inquire from the logistics company on how they handle the package and the time it takes to reach the noted-down address. The gift is a special message from the sender to the recipient of the birthday gift basket – to show them how much they are loved and cared for. before sending a gift basket, ask yourself if the basket fully represents you and sends the needed message to the recipient.

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