7 Efficient Household Hacks that Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning means much work to be done in a day or two. But, it can be tricky to get everything done within time without proper planning. Below, I share 7 efficient household hacks that’ll improve your spring-cleaning experience.

Visual objectives are better

Setting visual goals can help you do better at spring cleaning. Spring cleaning can be overwhelming, but visualizing your objective creates a clear vision of what you are working for. Then, you should give yourself a set amount of time and work towards achieving that visual goal.

Take it slow

Spring cleaning can be considered one final cleaning mission per year. However, some people take it too seriously and try to do too much. You must understand that cleaning your house isn’t easy and be realistic about it. Trying to do an overhaul won’t bring anything good. So, try to clear out the major tasks as your time allows without feeling under the gun.

Work with homemade products

For many people, only the lack of cleaning supplies at home prevents them from starting spring cleaning. In that case, you can use homemade cleaners to get the job done. Widely available ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, lemon, and hot water can come in handy. After you start using these homemade solutions, you’ll realize that they are easy to work with but less expensive and available in every household. Moreover, click here to know more about new DIY household cleaning tricks.

Dry wipe the kitchen surface

The kitchen should be one of the keys focuses of your spring-cleaning routine. However, one mistake many people make is that they start to wet wipe the floor right away. If you have made this mistake, you might have noticed that wet wiping can make stains and food debris stickier and turn into new gunk. So, start with dry wiping first.

Get your kitchen sink shining

Kitchen or washroom sinks are bound to have stains no matter how carefully you see them. But when it comes to cleaning through the spring routine, it becomes a massive headache. However, baking soda can easily make these stains and marks disappear. Just sprinkle some on every color, let it rest for a few minutes, and then wipe it down with a sponge.

Wash your windows easily

Windows cleaning can be an excellent way to start your spring cleaning. After the gloomy days of winter, clean windows will allow the light to come in and make the inside of your house brighter. For window cleaning, mix distilled vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle, spray it on the windows and give it a good wipe. Also, avoid cleaning on sunny days, as quick drying can leave streaky lines on the window.

Manage time properly

Spring cleaning is a long run, and you must continuously challenge yourself if you want to see results. The best way to do that is by setting a timer and trying to finish chores within the targeted time. In addition, breaking down the tasks into small portions and periods can make cleaning more exciting and engaging.

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